1. SmokeyBear

    (Megathread) Need a hand with graphics? I might be able to help!

    Hello, I'm creating this thread to help people that are in need with their designs. A lot of people always send Skype messages to me asking me to help them because I usually got Illustrator / Photoshop available all the time while they don't, so I decided to make a thread. (I had one years ago...
  2. EmpyreanSoul


  3. OPS

    Group Buy Section, Why isn't this a thing in TBN?

    I was wondering why TBN doesn't have a Group Buy section, I think it would be a great addition and will help us get access to numerous products that will be very expensive to buy individually. Why do you guys think?
  4. EmpyreanSoul

    SELL GRAPHICS - High Quality logos, for as Low as $1.50

    Major update in process! Thank you for your patience.
  5. Pikachu!

    SELL [PP] Píka Píka Graphics Design | Affordable | Fast

    Hello! We are Píka Píka Graphics Design, working in the UK to provide you with custom graphics of many kinds. With over 7 years experience in the field of graphics design, rest assure that you are getting the best quality goods at the best prices. What we offer Professionally designed...
  6. HardM

    SELL HardM's Graphics Design Shop

    Hey everyone! Welcome to my graphics design shop. I can do anything from logos, buttons, animated GIFs, avatars, signatures, and more. Current prices are as follows. Logos, Avatars, Signatures: $5 each Animated GIF: $7 each Buttons: $2 each Send me a PM on what you would like, and please be...
  7. Yidir

    AMD's new SSG Technology blends an SSD with a GPU

    AMD's says its Solid State Graphics Technology will enable terabytes of storage on a graphics card. AMD Radeon Technologies Group exec Raja Koduri holds a GPU with more than 1TB of memory using the company's newly announced SSG technology. You can never have enough memory on a professional...
  8. Fatt

    Make your social graphics here for free

    Tools Copyright free images Need any help call 911
  9. zzgraphics

    SELL ZZGraphics Designing Services

    THREAD DESIGNS SAMPLES : Animated Banners Samples: Signatures Samples: Business Card : Facebook Covers Samples: [VOUCHES]
  10. EmpyreanSoul

    Most effective part to upgrade for my PC?

    Greetings to all. So I have been thinking of upgrading my computer (mainly for gaming). I was hoping somebody could recommend what I should upgrade? These are my specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 @ 3.40GHz (I know it's not the best i7, but I got it for only $30 and it works fine so I am not...
  11. EmpyreanSoul

    Just for fun :)

    I made these just for fun. Have a look :) @Rednetwork I know this is unbelievably late.. This was the unfinished work I did on your logo so I thought I would share it with you anyway. @Laserus Cats stalking other cats. This is a quick thank you for your help. :) @Wolfy I felt like making...
  12. laklaker

    I'll make you signatures [FREEEEEE]

    Hi! I'm going to give one my skills as GFX Designing to this forum. I'll make everyone free signatures! Format: Size: Color Scheme: Text: Additional addons: I'll try my best to do it as fast as I can. And thank you for giving me a chance to show off one my skill in the forum! :D