1. RobertKarash

    A Hack That Deletes The Linux Operating System

  2. RobertKarash

    TECH TALK I Hacked Linux

    I just discovered a backdoor. I cannot release the software for security reasons: 1588215825 1588215875 Without Granting Permissions To Super User
  3. RobertKarash

    We are getting DDOS attacks

    The site displayed a 503 error and went down for a few moments. Guests went from 500 to 1500 very quickly:
  4. The End

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  5. prince1422

    Here’s How Hackers Steal Your Credit/Debit Card Details!

    The method that hackers mostly use to steal credit card data is known as formjacking. Basically, formjacking is a process in which hackers inject malicious JavaScript codes into the checkout web pages of various shopping sites. Here’s How Hackers Steal Your Credit/Debit Card Details! Well, now...
  6. T

    Hey there Chicos! Directly from Manila

    I've been a big time guy on rooshv if some of you guys might know. Want to learn the tools of the trade. Make some dope ass friends. This forum is sick! Why didn't I get to know before. Also I'm an investment agent down here in Manila, so you guys might hook'em up. See what I got for y!
  7. D


    Hi, guys as you can probably tell I am writing this in order to be accepted on this awesome website! I am interested in downloading all sorts of things on here and can't wait to join the rest of you. 1527545696 bump no response 1527545708 someone come check bump 1527545720 dont got all day come...
  8. Beliar

    Buying real Facebook logs/accounts

    Buying real Facebook accounts/logs with lots of friends. Pm me.
  9. BOT HAT

    TV SHOW Mr.Robot Season 3- What do you think?

    Usually I won't post about TV shows in TBN, but MR.robot is something different, it is about technology and a drama that is very much realistic in nature. Personally my favorite season is season 1, what do you think about season 3?
  10. M

    among goodness or badness

    In a cyber security world, the person who is able to discover weakness in a system and managed to exploit it to accomplish his goal referred as a Hacker , and the process is referred as Hacking. Now a days, People started think that hacking is only hijacking Facebook accounts or defacing...
  11. K

    Hello .

    I'm New Here . If You Would Let Me Into The Site . I'll Be Really Thankful .
  12. DEADZ

    [PROOF] CPA+FB No Investment Method To Make $$$

    Hey Guys, Enjoy the music while you read: Please leave a comment or something when you download guys! Some of you know me from my IG+CPA post and as promised I have written a new guide on how to make money with cpa using fb group posting on autopilot with no up front investments. Here's...
  13. Sho

    What was the first thing you hacked?

    As the title says, I hacked my neighbour's Wi-Fi with Dumpper and JumpStart. What did you hacked the first time?
  14. T

    Propeller ad network trick 2016

    Earn from propeller ad network daily trick 2016 First 1) Get link like below popcash net/world/go/34664/346765/aHR0cCsdQS8vbWVzb3RoZWxpb21hYXR0b3IuYmxvZ3NsdQuak4v b) You can get this link from firefox c) Just open your website where popcash popuder script is added. d) Wait for to open...
  15. tarung98

    How To Hack Facebook

    Admin or Moderators if you have any problem with this thread you can delete but please don't block my account I see many members are searching and posting threads on how to hack facebook so i think lets post a thread related to this topic i don't know this is allowed on tbn or not. This is not...
  16. M

    How To Be a Real Social Engineer?

    Hi everybody, this is my first article in this forum ( of course ), and I write these lines to teach you how to become a real social engineer. First at all, if you don't know what is social engineering I will till you: to leave this forum... Ok, now how to be a social engineer? You had 3...
  17. Abhishek006

    TECH TALK FBI Hacks New York iPhone

    This is the second iPhone hacked in just two months The United States Department of Justice has recently announced that it dropped its legal request to have Apple unlock an iPhone involved in a New York drug case as the FBI managed to hack the device on its own. This is the second iPhone...
  18. Achref

    Mining in Cybercafé

    Hi, I start working in cybercafé in this cybercafé there is 12 PC i won't to mine in every pc with CPU and GPU but , i can stop it or start it from the server of cybercafé what mean that i can Control every miner of any pc from the server of cybercafé , hope you help me :grin:
  19. MATAD0R

    Hollywood hospital pays $17,000 in bitcoins to hackers who took control of computers

    The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (hospital) was recently the target of a ransomware extortion plot in which hackers seized control its computer systems and then demanded that directors pay in bitcoin to regain access. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid a $17,000 ransom in...
  20. writers4all

    Hackers Stole Millions from British Bank Accounts

    The police are hunting hackers who stole money from British bank accounts worth at least £20m. The scale of the hack is outrageous, so the government was informed; in the United Kingdom, the agencies fighting the crime include the UK’s top secret electronic security center at GCHQ and the UK’s...