1. shagoo

    NEWS Hackers stole $45 million via Lurk Trojan

    Security research group Kaspersky has assisted in the arrest of a 50 people involved in stealing $45 million (3 billion roubles) from banks, assorted financial institutions and businesses across Russia, using the Lurk Trojan. Victims were affected merely by visiting infected sites, and many of...
  2. 3MB

    Hacker's Tee Shirt I made

    Check Out this, Hacker's T-Shirt I made! https://teespring.com/ihackers Tell Me Your Opinion! :) How is it? Thanks!
  3. writers4all

    Hackers Stole Millions from British Bank Accounts

    The police are hunting hackers who stole money from British bank accounts worth at least £20m. The scale of the hack is outrageous, so the government was informed; in the United Kingdom, the agencies fighting the crime include the UK’s top secret electronic security center at GCHQ and the UK’s...