1. motzu

    Hello World!

    Yeah, I know, a lame title, but I do consider my self a programmer, so I think it is a funny joke :) Hi there TBN! I'm Motzu and I really enjoy this community. I find this forum while searching for some stuff on the internet and I was instantly hooked! Joined the forum and now I'm here to stay...
  2. S

    Hello !

    Hi TBN team I Got here searching for the whatsapp bulk send bot i create too bots and it was pretty awesome to see a forum like this i am too a cracker of accounts and these things i think i will do something and post it here i am skilled on PHP , C# , Javascript and learn very fast ( maybe )
  3. B

    Hello community!

    Hello guys! Iam so happy that I can be part of this awesome community and gain and share knowledge with you :) Thanks
  4. M

    Back to thebot.net after 6 years

    I have used to use the botnet.com in 2011-2012 and today after 6 years, suddenly the website came in front of me. I logged and its good like past. how are guyz ? are the old members 2011-2012 still active?
  5. Mknayak

    Why you are Here

    Hello friends we are all like family here. But why You join here & what u want from this great site?
  6. babakuncung

    Hello Friends

    Hello, i'm new member, i want learning SEO and affiliate
  7. K

    kderow landed here!

    Hello guys, I'm kderow and I just registered here. The main reason for this introduction is, I quote: "there are some limits in place to make sure you aren't a low-quality spammer". (hahah) Well, to ensure the system I'm not a low-quality spammer and also to introduce myself, I decided to make...
  8. J

    hello i am new in thebot

    Hello everyone, I wanna learn to make money online and marketing. Thanks.
  9. M

    Hi TBN Members !

    hello that's it looool
  10. H

    Hi TBN population.

    Hello my name is Samet. I am interested in Webmaster, Network Marketing, Advertisement Publishing. I can help you with these things. I am the manager of three education website. I need your knowledge to increase my winnings. If you accept me, i be glad.
  11. R

    Hello all members

    I am from Egypt and I hope to spend useful times with you
  12. JesseSadler

    Hello community!

    Hi, I'm Jesse, I am security researcher, and JavaScript developer. My passion is creating gambling bots, and I have just created my latest bot which I would like to share with tbn community :)
  13. C

    Hello Came Back

    i came back after long time from absence , was at Italy for long time , missed TBN alot
  14. 1

    hello,i am new.my bot instagram pics videos scrapper

    hello, how are you. i will give you my an easy bot. from here https://thebot.net/threads/instagram-pictures-links-scrapper.371760/ this one can not use, so i fix it , enjoy it! my skype:DreamWolfXC thanks.
  15. M

    Hello from Moldova

    Hello I am Dan I live in Moldova. Nice to meet everyone I have a question, there are still users from Moldova? Thanks to admin P.S:Sorry for my English
  16. F

    Hello World

    I don't really know what to put here... Its storming right now lol. Does this place have different themes? it should have a light theme. here's a link to YouTube... well i cant do that apparently ... bummer. anyway. can i be let into the forum? like, completely?
  17. L

    hello guys

    Hello my name is lordpeppers and i am a french smm provider ( got my panel) I love all stuff that goes with black, whithe, grey hat, marketing, deals and love to learn new things. Thx for this forum that looks great
  18. P

    Hello Friends

    How are you? how much money you are making nowadays? :)
  19. yairsaumeth

    HeLlo tO EveryOnE aT tHebOt (dOt) nET

    Hello everyone, my name is V***** and I'm glad for being part of this awesome community. Let's get to booting or botting, you decide.
  20. A

    hey guys

    HI, I'm achintha and I'm 20 years old.I'm interested in coding,forum posting and social exchange. I hope to improve my skills and also promote my services.... Thanks,