1. pysiedius

    new member, when am i able to post / reply?

    Hi, this may be a silly question, but I am just crunched for time so I am unable to search around for anyone that may have asked this same question before... :\ So far I have created my account, uploaded a profile pic+banner, and also posted my introduction post. I was wondering when my...
  2. SimonEleven

    Need help regarding E-shop shippments.

    Hello, Is there a proxy service in USA that receives goods that I bought from an E-shop then redirect it to my country? Any info would help thanks!
  3. reza659401

    how to start a business without paypal account?

    Hello Its a great question for me, as an Iranian person I cant have my own paypal account. at least not legally. so i wonder if there is anyway to help me start my own business like selling services of telegram and instagram or even earning money from different websites? is there any solution ?
  4. aragbayeccs

    [ABOUT] Twilio (Help!!!)

    Hi, i was created Twilio account and claimed phone number free trial, to try any sites, ios and android apps and get confirmation code to that number and pass verification. But i don't know, how check sms sent to that number or check voice messages? Could u let me know or explain me guys? Thx
  5. A

    website ideas

    Hi i can get a free hosting and free domain i need a website ideas Something i could monetize
  6. aragbayeccs

    [Help & Request] KDSpy - The Ultimate Amazon Kindle Spy Tool

    Hi exist here on TBN, anyone with an cracked or legal KDSpy license/software (available on could share with me? If anyone have it and wanna share with me, please send me PM ASAP. Thx guys.
  7. impshum

    LINKS [WEBSITE FEEDBACK] Desktop only for now

    I've only got access to a mac for now. Can you lot try it on what you have and see if looks ok/works? Screenshots if possible. x
  8. aragbayeccs

    [HELP!!!] VPS with Android?

    Hi all guys, is possible get/purchase an VPS with Android installed, and be able install apps? If can get latest or non too older android version, will be coolest. If you know any website, method repply or PM. Please let me know guys. :top: Have nice day
  9. Blaze

    Safe using MySQL with VB.NET?

    Hello. Is it safe if I connected to a MySQL database within VB.NET? Let's say I made a software, where people are able to INSERT already decided with custom variables to a table within VB.NET. The connection information is written within the .vb file. ex. localhost, l33tadministrator...
  10. aragbayeccs

    Which is best site captcha solving service to solve ReCaptcha v2 using BOT?

    Hi guys, i will integrate an API using this possible sites. Please help me, because don't know best option which must i choose: 2Captcha Anti-Captcha DeathByCaptcha ImageTyperz ruCaptcha Solve-reCaptcha CaptchaDecoder , and let me know, why had u selected that site? Thanks :top:
  11. S

    Hey! (I need abit of help)

    Hey all! this isn't really an introduction but more of a help type of thread. I signed up to this sign many of year(s) ago towards the start (I think, not 100% sure on that one). But because I was an active forum user of LF, HF and XMB plus a few others, I always went by the allies name of...
  12. C

    New to forum.

    hie my name is Vishu and I’m from Goa,my age is 19 . I had just finished my studies in computer. I want to learn more about computer and software related things that’s why I join this forum ,so that if I found problems I can discuss with other people and can get solutions .
  13. moonl1ght

    [Help] ReCaptcha Resolvement with Python and Selenium

    I want to be able to resolve and validate/submit ReCaptchas with Python. I have a peace of code that does resolve it, but I have no clue how to actually validate it on the website. How can I incorporate the code with Selenium? Understand that I'm a total beginner but I'm trying to figure this...
  14. galbatron

    anyone knows how to avoid geting banned when creating facebook accounts?

    I tried a lot of things and I still get a hight rate of bans I am creating accounts using dynamic IPs of 3g/4g network and I clean the browser history and change the user agent before making the account. but I get this "selfie block" almost every time .. what am I doing wrong ?
  15. aragbayeccs


    Hi all TBN, actually i'll be some time outside USA traveling differents places, and wanna know, is it possible, a way, site, method for play USA lottery outside USA. Is it possible play USA lottery online?. I wanna play small ammount, such as under $20 or under $10. Please if you know, let me...
  16. keko0o

    issue with multiple Google Adwords account

    hey all TBN facing issue when create more than one account of google adwords i create 1 gmail then create the google adwords add my cards get acount works almost my 1st account works fine .. then when i create more accounts it got suspended after 1 or2 days # i use new card everytime #i use...
  17. C

    I lost my email on another account

    @TJ @ryukensfj Sorry for thread trashing.. But I have another account, where I've lost my email, but it says that I need to activate 2 factor authentication?? Please help. I once developed some software, and posted them on here as @KevinVinther I tried to contact TBN over their Contact form...
  18. Blaze

    Your favorite music artists?

    Hi TBN. I really need to extend my playlists. I have been listening to the same artists and songs for ½ a year. I like: Five Finger Death Punch, Hopsin, Ed Sheeran, etc. What is yours? And any suggestions what songs / artists I can add to my playlists?
  19. Blaze

    What are good webhosts?

    Hi TBN. I am soon starting a company, but all I need is a good webhost at a fair price. Also need domain registration at a fair price. Hit me up in this thread or send me a pm would be much appriciated. Thanks in advance!
  20. Rangers

    Smoking/Edible Weed Before/After Workout Is Good/Not

    Hey there, Just another Indian here with a new question. Before creating this thread I did some research on the internet to find out is it good to smoke a bug before/after hitting the gym. Lot of my friends suggest to smoke before the work and few suggest to smoke after work out since you...