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  1. shynar1000

    Best PTC Site I've Seen So Far You Can Earn A Living $$$

    Earn Bonus Ad Points (BAP) for Viewing Ads, and Advertising at the same time For every 3000 BAP, you receive $1.5 worth of Paid Ads. Similar to paidverts but so much better. You can quickly earn a lot by purchasing Adpacks which gives you more BAPS. The more BAPS you accumulate the more money...
  2. reza659401

    how to start a business without paypal account?

    Hello Its a great question for me, as an Iranian person I cant have my own paypal account. at least not legally. so i wonder if there is anyway to help me start my own business like selling services of telegram and instagram or even earning money from different websites? is there any solution ?
  3. zoelm

    How to install Windows Server 2012 on Digitalocean + Video Tutorial

    Please see the tutorial video below See code install Windows Server 2012 R2 : Access Windows Server 2012 Activation Windows Server 2012 # Open CMD # Press Enter # Press Enter # Press Enter and wait # and after restart ------------------------------------------------------- Thanks,
  4. L

    have a server at home, is there a way to profit from it?

    Is there a way to profit with a 2x 6-Core L5640 2.26GHz/32GB RAM server?
  5. DEADZ

    [DOGE] 40k to 80k in 10 mins | 80k to 160k in 20 mins

    Sorry no music on the vids guys. Listen to this while you check the vids: Went from 40k to 80k in 10 mins in this session: Took a break. Came back. Doubled that 80k in 20 mins:
  6. D

    How To Get Money From Edu Mail?

    I can create edu mail, How To Get Money From Edu Mail?:grin::grin:
  7. n0bul4r

    How To Create Facebook Live Streaming Reactions Poll

    Hi TBN, I found this website where you can make a Facebook Live Streaming Reactions Poll. There is the website : Here is the video tutorial :
  8. tarung98

    [Tricks] How to Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback

    Tricks: Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback: Try to use Much Polite Behavior as you can. When buyer gives you negative feedback contact Immediately buyer through inbox and request buyer to remove that feedback. Request customer to reconsider his review. Offer him you will refund your money in that...
  9. keko0o

    How to create Unique 100% articles in seconds

    something i used to do it when i started the work online is just to write articles and sell them on fiverr i'll explain the methods in brief. all you need is: to rape articles form there's so many sites like ezinearticles. search for articles buy the keyword you need then copy it. 2.go...
  10. tarung98

    How To Hack Facebook

    Admin or Moderators if you have any problem with this thread you can delete but please don't block my account I see many members are searching and posting threads on how to hack facebook so i think lets post a thread related to this topic i don't know this is allowed on tbn or not. This is not...
  11. onlinejargon

    How to download a whole channel?

    I'm migrating my videos to another channel. I deleted all of my copy in my computer so, yeah! Thanks in advance. edit: solved :D
  12. jaum

    I want to start a YouTube sub-network/Virtual Network

    Hey guys! I haven't given up on my plan on creating a YouTube sub-network or virtual network specially now that I've got some talents that are willing to be partnered to my network. I just need to create the network and we're good to go. They were uploading their music covers on Facebook and the...
  13. splitter05

    How to get stock fotos for free This method doesn't work anymore on Google
  14. SimonEleven

    How to spot a scammer.

    So lately, I've been seeing a lot of scam reports and disputes going on the forum, some really nice people getting scammed and ripped off, So this some of advises on how to spot a scammer before it's too late. 1-ASK and Investigate: Before you make any deal with any one, make sure you...
  15. jaum

    Newbie here, how to earn with points in 247webhits?

    Well yeah! I have 25 VPS running and I have earned 300k+ points in it because I stopped sending views to my YT channel that got banned in the 'Massive YT ban'. I'm planning to create a legit channel but I don't know, maybe I'll give it another try for fake traffic. Now, my 247webhits points will...
  16. rhino11

    My new EDM/Hip Hop track

    Last time I posted my first track I've gotten alot of love from you guys! So i've made a new track for you guys! Hope you enjoy the mix! Also made it free to download, none of that buying shit!
  17. rhino11

    How to pick up an instrument easily

    I may not be an expert at guitar but i truly believe these 5 tips i give are crucial to keep yourself going. So if you are a starter and have no clue you should check this out!
  18. rhino11

    My first song :)

    After trials and errors,getting a decent mic and setup, i finally made a song! Leave me some feedback!
  19. honestmuggle

    How to login VPS using putty?

    I purchased linux vps from firstheberg. After purchasing and creating a VPS it says We inform you that your server has been successfully installed. This server is installed in the following distribution: Debian 7 (64 bits). Only the SSH service is installed on the...
  20. S

    How to add advertisements to my blog?

    I am new to blogging and money making world! can any one tell me how to add advertisements from or tell me any other sites that do?