1. J

    Hi there

    I would like suggestion on how to promote my YT videos (legit). It's mainly DIY and Howto. Currently very little views. What social media sites can I post my DIY/Howto?? Thanks!
  2. R3XZORS

    [Tut] How to create gif from youtube vid

    Hello TBN, Today i m gonna show you simple way to create .gif from youtube videos Notice- This is for peoples who dont know it.Please do not try to share your thoughts that you know and bla bla bla so first go to your video which you want to make gif and gif after www. ex...
  3. MikiSoft

    How to make your own HTTP bots easily

    So yeah, I introduced UniBot months ago, but it seems that it hasn't gained enough attention. Because of that I decided to open here a new thread regarding this tool and to look for a people who are willing to test/try it and give me a feedback. I already made the support forum (in my signature...
  4. MikiSoft

    BOT UniBot - A Complete Walkthrough

    Don't know how else to start, so I'll start with FAQ about this tool: What is UniBot? - UniBot is an unique program that is used for quick and easy creation of online bots, without knowledge of any programming language and without any torment from designing GUI. It can be found here...