1. pointer123

    Website Development.

    Hi, I am freelancer web deveoper (PHP/HTML/Wordpress/Magento/Joomla) with integration of shopify, woocommerce etc. Few samples are given below: and so on. If anyone interested, please share your...
  2. zboot

    how play YouTube iframe in mute audio

    i have nice iframe with simple js but my problem i want to play it in MUTE ,but i could not make ,so can help me to do , REMEMBER i do not want autoplay ,just i want to make it MUTE audio when click play ,,, here my code below
  3. D


    Need an expert to help me spot the error on my set of codes. Pm me for info
  4. L

    HTML,Css,JavaScript and logo design + 3d print 20x20

    Hey guys I’m a 19 years old geek from Sweden. I am working at a IT firm managing the computers and managing the website. If anyone is interested I can provide you with following: Website HTML, Css and JavaScript assistant and design (low-price) Logo (Got the full adobe series, and I’m an...
  5. wanderkuki

    Div id check

    How can I check if a div id contains a text? <div id="mydiv_123">abc</div> Mydiv_ always the same but after bottom line there are always other strings when refresh the page. Thank you for any help! :top:
  6. xcash

    SELL Web and App Development service

    Hello TBNer's! I'm a Computer Scientist here to help you develop your websites and iOS applications. I'm really good on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, Swift and Python. I have good for TBN! Contact me for a quote. Check my projects at One of the projects that I...
  7. revproxy

    My BlackHat method to frame-break

    You can grab very cheap traffic from adfly (0.40$ for 1k visits) on proxy deal but you limited to 5 sec only with adfly header. Adfly detects attempts for frame break, after fews months i found the way how to break the frame and not get banned. first of all frame-break is change the location...
  8. B

    Um hello I think.

    Hey guys, My names Ben and i'm just getting into codding on html, javascript, css, etc. and I am just looking for some advice and pointers thanks!
  9. B

    I do code from caffeine :)

    Hey guys, after long time i again got on my mind i will login into TBN. So as you see here i am. Who am i ? As my title told, im coding. My job is Fullstack Developer, also sometimes doing UI /UX design. If you will look for some app designer / coder you can hit me :) What i can do for you ...
  10. TheWind100

    CSS and Website Design

    I've been working on learning web design off and on for the past couple weeks. HTML is very easy, but lots of css concepts elude me. I try to inspect element on lots of websites I go to to try and understand how they work, however, I feel like I'm not learning a lot by doing this. I've only...
  11. TheWind100

    How do you make quality websites?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to making websites. I know the ins and outs of buying web domains and hosting along with how the cpanel for lots of hosting sites work, however, I seem to have a very difficult time with designing/coding websites. I've tried making them from scratch, but I only know html...
  12. P

    i need help please

    hello, i would like to make a programing tool to edit html like this picture i want to change the test 1 or test 2 with something i want and than when i click submit it generate a code for me please help me
  13. pannagirl

    How to earn as programmer?

    Hi All, I am learning now a lot on school about programming. I am following a 4 years study software engineering. I am very good (had the highest grade) in the following things: html, css, php and PHP&MySQL. Do you now how I can earn with this? Also I am very good in testing websites etc...
  14. verax5

    Programming Resources & Tutorials Beginners Friendly

    I'm writing this thread to let everyone know I'll be making regular web development, specifically web application development tutorials. I focus on simplifying the content and make it beginners friends. Topics like HTTP requests, OOP concepts that seem almost impossible to understand have...