1. F

    Looking for AD Network

    Does anyone here know of an ad network that fulfills the following requirements? Looking to display ads on a website. No minimum monthly/daily viewers required Fast or instant approval Does banner ads Must be able to deliver ads over SSL (HTTPS). Low-ish cashout minimum CPM would be...
  2. TestaDiRapa

    Issue with faucet HTTP bot

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a bot using GET and POST requests for this faucet. I've studied a bit the page and I found that I have to make a POST request using as parameters my btc address, a "type" parameter whose value is 12, an optional parameter for the referral and a "key" parameter whose...
  3. markcloudius

    Need help about tumblr api.

    i got an error when trying to create a new post with Tumblr API. {"meta":{"status":400,"msg":"Bad Request"},"response":{"errors":["Post cannot be empty."]}} This is my request header POST HTTP/1.1 User-Agent: love...
  4. w3bprof

    SELL Otohits HTTP Bot with proxy support

  5. verax5

    Review my web development blog

  6. Delite

    [] Keeping a session stable with HTTP requests?

    I'm sending a normal http request to a for example a traffic exchange, I've followed up all the headers and requests that is needed but when i send the last request it's like it closes the connection on the web page so it won't wait until it actually gains points.. This is same for all websites...
  7. MikiSoft

    How to make your own HTTP bots easily

    So yeah, I introduced UniBot months ago, but it seems that it hasn't gained enough attention. Because of that I decided to open here a new thread regarding this tool and to look for a people who are willing to test/try it and give me a feedback. I already made the support forum (in my signature...
  8. Delite

    BOT 10kHits Public Bot

    EDIT: Bot currently not working! Working on other stuff right now but heres what u can do meanwhile: Step 1: Download Fiddler Step 2: Start your viewer on 10khits Step 3: As soon as you gain points by the end of the timer close the window. Step 4: Find this in...
  9. MikiSoft

    BOT UniBot - A Complete Walkthrough

    Don't know how else to start, so I'll start with FAQ about this tool: What is UniBot? - UniBot is an unique program that is used for quick and easy creation of online bots, without knowledge of any programming language and without any torment from designing GUI. It can be found here...