1. sooraj2008

    ICON CLASSIC - 40,000 ICXC (~$4.5) 4/5 (100% Real)

    Hello Friends, Only 10,000 participants. Better hurry up! Empowering businesses to take control of their future through Blockchain powered Data Management. ICON Classic is a single platform where business owners can securely store all their financial and business data, such as staff contracts...
  2. JP

    SELL Flat Icons @ $1/icon

    Change your regular logo to flat icon, flat icon is a trend now for pretty good time.. Get your name/logo/brand changed to flat icon for as cheap as $1 Demo: (Lost designs I did earlier.. So just to show you did one on my name, ) Payment Methods: PayPal personal payments. or Paypal your...
  3. JP

    SELL Flat Logo Sales

    Hello.. I'm offering flat icons for next 10 buyers only for $1 each.. examples of flat icons.. Payment by Paypal. Personal Payment. No Refund once the order is processed.