1. Talented

    BUY Captcha resolving or bypassing

    Hello all, I want a cheap captcher resolving service or captcha bypassing service. Looking at resolving more than two thousand captchers everyday. You can recommend a good one if you know. I knows about the popular deathbycaptcha and anti-captcha. But I need from an in-house. Have $$$ as budget...
  2. shagoo

    [iMacros] G-mail New Account Form Filler

    Here is an imacros script that will populate all required filds on create new gmail page. Its written and tested for Firefox. FEATURES > - Uses "InputData.csv" file to fill first and last name and its only required data you have to suply. - Gmail username is generarated from first and last...
  3. Tokuda Shigeo

    Understanding Imacros Language

    [IF YOU NEED HELP,QUESTION JUST PUT ALL IN THE REPLY BOX, I WILL GIVE MY BEST TO ANSWER ALL YOUR] I myself don't use 'imacros' much since it quite limited but for a beginner of making bot and newbie who got no skill at coding. This language seems to be very a good start. :grin: SCROLL DOWN TIPS...
  4. I

    Need help with Imacros Recaptcha solving (2captcha integration)

    I need help integrating 2captcha or another captcha solving service into an Imacros script. It needs to be able to solve Google Recaptcha. Please PM me if you can help me.
  5. Talented

    BOT Earn Unlimited Satoshi with my Auto Bot

    Hi everyone, today am sharing again an auto-Script to earn from {} Method: Make accounts on Adbtc No ref: After making account confirm your email. Copy this imacros script to your browser (Firefox recomended). Make sure you are on the surf address which is...
  6. Talented

    Want to convert Imacros to Javascript

    Hi, please i want this simple imacros code to be converted to Javascript. Imacros keeps hanging on VPS i don't know why. SET !ERRORIGNORE YES SET !LOOP -9999999 TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=TXT:PLAY WAIT SECONDS=60 TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=TXT:PLAY I want to inject it in console since Imacros...
  7. B

    Imacro file delete help

    I m trying to delete file using imacro.But this error keep coming when i use this code below.plz help e to solve this problem in imacro. FILEDELETE NAME=C:\Users\mypc\Documents\iMacros\output\file.txt Error i got below: expected absolute paths are prohibited for security reason as parameter 1...
  8. B

    Imacros need help search text

    How can i use if statement if SEARCH SOURCE=TXT:"desiredtext" IGNORE_CASE=YES not found in imacro js file.plz help me
  9. samesame

    BUY a working imacros for

    Not longer needed! Already got a working script Hithere, I need a working once a hour claim script for Captchas should be solved automatically via or DBC There are a lot of scripts out there, but non of them is actually working,.. They always fail @ solving captchas I...
  10. klash250

    How to make imacros press (Enter) ?

    Hi everyone, How can I make imacros press (Enter) ? I recorded "enter" key , It has been recorded, but when I run it ; it doesn't submit the comment. EVENT TYPE=KEYPRESS SELECTOR="#code-editor" KEY=13 TAG POS=6 TYPE=INPUT:SUBMIT FORM=ACTION:/api/comments ATTR=NAME:submit I used Firefox...
  11. samesame

    run macro without addon?

    Hi peoples, iam wondering if it is possible to run a macro without having the imacros plugin installed maybe as a js or php so user clicks a link, and macro runs i found this tool: and there is this "" url which i think is importand for me? but i dont realy know how to write...
  12. Talented

    LINKS Bulk Email Make Money

    I just learn how to automate task with imacros and now i can create bulk email about 1k if i give much time to it. I cannot bypass phone verification yet. I want to know of a niche or website that buys email in bulk. In return i will share my script with you. I have list of script for gaining...
  13. Fregedin

    imacros & javascript check for duplicates

    Let's say I have combination of "A1 B1" in imacros extract. How do I check with imacros & javascript if the extract contains duplicate letters and/or numbers? If found duplicate return with answer y=1 , else y=2 Possible or not?
  14. Fregedin

    iMacros how to click a button with dynamic value

    Ok, so my problem is when a page is refreshed, the claim button's data-value is changing. In example, page is fully loaded, captcha is filled etc etc and then I need to click claim bitcoin button, BUT it's value is random between those ones in the picture. It can be the first, it can be the...
  15. GROKEN


  16. majdist

    SELL Imacros Scripts + Freebies

    Imacros Marketplace Hello, I have years of experience doing Imacros Scripts. I can do anything you think it could be done. I have some ready Scripts for sale : - Outlook email Creator ( bulk ) - You need to have working proxies that bypass outlook and subscription on captcha solver. -...
  17. Talented

    iMacros bot for instagram (Gain followers)

    Hello friend, i started to learn imacros in the mid of this month and i have some good work already. I have a simple guide on how to make an imacros on your own and i have done one for gaining instagram followers. I want to know instagram follow and like limit so that it can be used on VPS 24/7...
  18. A

    Designer, Developer & Instagram Marketer

    Hey! What's up? I've been running my digital media company since 2010, offering services like logo design and web design but it wasn't until June of last year that I discovered Instagram and began organically and strategically growing my network. Now I run over 30 pages each targeting a...
  19. fagtron

    [GUIDE] Fastest way to create a temporary /(bulk) permanent email address

    TEMPORARY: Temporary emails addresses are incredibly quick and easy to create, however anyone who knows the username can access them. They are perfect for websites that you'll only use once, but don't use them for websites that you will visit again. -Click...
  20. W

    imacros copy & paste

    I want my Imacros file to copy a specific URL from a page in tab2 Since the URL is dynamic I don't know the exact name of the URL sadly. Afterwards my macro switches to tab1 and pastes the url to a form. I've got the following code: EVENT TYPE=KEYPRESS SELECTOR="HTML>BODY" CHAR="c"...