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  2. M

    Hi... From Indonesia

    Hi all, long time have not visited this forum, my name is Maiz, come from Indonesia. I found this forum useful, so let me introduce my self. Reading how to forum, Internet making money forum is one of my daily activities, just to update what's new from the worlds. Glad to be here, and i...
  3. B

    Hi All/........

    hi.. my name is BHL iam from lombok island indonesia
  4. I

    Hello dari Indonesia

    Hello.. apakah ada member dari indonesia di sini??? Kalo ada mohon bimbingannya.. Thanks all,
  5. bossy

    Hello. Indonesian guy please come in.

    hello i am random indonesian guy. joining this community by a force to make some money. i hope i can learn from you all guys. demanding longlasting frienship, nice to admin and all crews and "Salam Kenal" for all indonesian folks here. thanks (terima kasih)
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