1. rastof

    Insta GiftCard Video Bot

    I have a couple of people helping me create bots to make TBN great again. Interested in testing before a full release PM me. You must have sub or history on TBN. Otherwise, do not PM me.
  2. blckbrd103

    My $100 from InstaGC!

    Below is a screenshot of my current earnings throughout the last three years, as you can see, the amount you get paid is dependent on how much work YOU want to put forth. All $96.99 of this money is from simple email submits, not even surveys, so that shows you how amazing this site really is...
  3. allout80

    Easy $5-10

    You may or may not have heard of InstaGC but it's gpt site that has numerous payment methods and instant gift cards. Referral link: Non-referral: Recently I discovered how to get a particular set of offers to convert instantly so if you...