1. mdk44

    2nd payment- 7.20$from TryMyApps for install apps-IOS only

    hello i had received 7.20 from TryMyApps i request withdraw and it's paid after 10 min !!!!! great huh:jew: it's easy just download apps and games and try it for 4 minutes you can earn 0.4$ per app download link(use safari browser): click here:love2: and use this code (IOJE3) to get 0.2$...
  2. G

    Which is the best company to get paid mobile installs with affiliate links?

    Hi Friends, Plz suggest me a good company(Network) that provides paid mobile installs with the affiliate(tracking) links.. There are few companies that provide paid installs, but they provide only with direct play store link... Plz suggest for android and iOS.. Thanks in advance.