1. Kangaroo69

    Cracker Boi here

    Hi, I signed up here last year but I never really got into TBN until now, I'm more interested in cracking communities and it's a great side income while studying in Uni. Now I'm looking for more ways of making money so here I am :) Hopefully I will have some nice contributions to share here in...
  2. xPACT

    Hello , I'm new here

    I am interested in Social Engineering stuff , how do i begin ?
  3. M

    Hello TheBotArmies!

    Basically to be say I'm not new here but as a publisher yes I'm new at this I didn't even publish a post here I've been surfing this site since 2 years as a newbie. I love this site and its staffs they're amazing making technical things. I wanna post threads to share my knowledge with you guys...
  4. S

    Hey Everyone!

    How's it going?!? I am new and just looking to be a part of the community. I love to program, get free stuff and make money ;)
  5. D

    Greetings too all

    Greetings too all from new user at TBN. I am looking to buy youtube market and services. But they are all private any idea on how will I be able to use it?
  6. M

    Mrstreatme here!

    Aye guys n gals, My name is melissa but everyone calls me mo. I'm a 31 yr old tattooed, peirced, godfree, adventurous chick. I'm from CA Originally but I now reside in bf Oklahoma. My favorite thing to do....... Your Mom Been doing small carding jobs for less than 6 mths now. I am always...
  7. S

    Hi guys ...

    Hey there alls, hope all ya fine with best of ya health uhm, me guess not a new member but for the sake of honesty i almost forgot the url once i registered with tbn lol, ma bad sorry for that recently found a link somebody posted in some groups , dunno where xD and ultimately found the TBN...
  8. SJVArmy

    Hello, The Bot Net!

    Hello, The Bot Net! Hey, guys. I've been here a short period of time, but I haven't really been bothered to post an introduction. I hope that from this forum, I will learn many new things. Firstly, i'm looking for some place, where I can learn to make bots. I hope that i'll eventually learn...
  9. L

    Hi all Botnetters

    Hi everyone, I am new here, and I shall introduce myself. I am LoudRex and I live in continental Europe. I'm almost 24 years old. My biggest passion is to build, maintain and play with computers. I am doing that now for about 21 years. I registered here, because I am looking for some...
  10. K

    Hello world

    I am Kevin, nice to meet you all. Stumbled on this site a while back but decided to post a reply to a thread to find out that I needed some TBN street cred first. I'm looking to try out various free methods and give honest reviews on whether or not they work, and imo how effective they were...
  11. T

    Hello Friends

    Hello everyone. I'm very new in this forum. I failed blogging , affiliate marketing and cpa marketing and all other online money making things of internet. I would like suggestion on how to make atleast $100 per month. Thank you
  12. W


    Hello guys, This is wmemon. I am 17 and thinking of different ways of earning money online. I was successful in SE (scam basically) and was able to earn about 40k inr. I need your help for only one thing. I can get illegal mobile numbers. Please suggest me some payment gateways like paytm which...
  13. R

    ---- Raditz ----

    Just going to keep my intro short and sweet. My name is Raditz and i just hope i can provide aswell as learn many new things from TBN. Thank you.
  14. Z

    Hello People

    Hey , i have been a stalker of TBN for over 2 years now and i never created an account. i feel sorry for myself. i really want a membership in TBN because i have some methods and ways to make money and i want to share them to the very curious audience here. there is nothing else like TBN as...
  15. T

    Hello.... again... still low-quality? :|

    I posted an intro like a month ago... thought TIME might allow me to post in a real category xD Hell anyway.. I'm lurping here from time to time. I have a 100% white hat youtube channel (it's not about white hat, it's just completely organic in growth). 32k subs. over 5 million views. Use to...
  16. P

    Hello World

    Hello Hackers, Nice to be here, be all fair well!!!!!!.
  17. D

    Hi Botters, Sorry for bad Intro ;)

    Hi there. Happy to be here. I am new programmer, mostly do it with python (CLI and QT). But has done some stuff with c++ (QT). Must make money to get PC/Laptop to do coding again. If you need my coding skill, please PM me. :) Want to tell me something ? Please go on, i am glad to hearing.
  18. D

    get to know me a bit better,aye ? :D

    Welcome to my glorious introduction! Been on tbn for a while but just been a "low quality spammer" no.. but fo' real :) Been here looking over the youtube forum, the bots and the program section. Just started a youtube "journey" with one chanel to see where it leads me. And to get far i could...
  19. Z

    Ziggy's Re-intro the botting life

    Hi all! Happy holidays! I hope to make this as painless as an introduction can be. My introduction to botting in general came many years ago when I played Runescape as a kid ( was fun at the time) and when I was a subscriber at CN when they had bots for whatever the old Microsoft...
  20. K

    10/10 to TBN

    Hi Everyone,I'm Serge i'd been now looking at TBN post for a month and i'm greatly pleased to found it very Good. i'm closely interreted buy programming and crypto currency in any kind of it. would share my own experience with webtsite that are still paying me for pretty stuffs i made on it (...