1. B


    Hello everyone great to be part of TBN community. Hope we can all get along and learn from each other
  2. S

    The Bot Net Members Are Rude

    HELLO EVERYONE, i am a member of more then 3 years and every time i find the botnet members too mean and rude to other members whether its about make money posts, tips or tricks or anyone seeking help. You can see this behavior in every post, and to be honest no one even try to help...
  3. J

    Hello! My brief botting story

    Hey everyone! I guess this is my formal introduction! The name's Jaw0608. I've been viewing TBN for years, and occasionally posting replies. I've always been fascinated by the bots here and actually made 72k from one of them. So yeah, I love TBN. And to be honest, this site was what inspired...
  4. Nisar2001

    Guys, I'm New but I know Blogging & SEO (Help me to understand this FORUM)

    My name is Nisar & I'm running my online business for 5 years. I start my self from Freelancing and Now I have 5 websites & 3 YouTube channels on different Niches.... Can Anyone tell me about this FORUM 'thebot'! HOW does IT work? or How can I replay answers of Questions which people ask in...
  5. OperaBunny

    I am a coder. Hoping to get better at it.

    Hi, TBN! I found TBN while searching for affiliate income and income you can generate by uploading contents to file hosting sites. I quickly browsed all the categories on the forums and got a good impression of the community. People talking about generating income online and creating bots to...
  6. Kangaroo69

    Cracker Boi here

    Hi, I signed up here last year but I never really got into TBN until now, I'm more interested in cracking communities and it's a great side income while studying in Uni. Now I'm looking for more ways of making money so here I am :) Hopefully I will have some nice contributions to share here in...
  7. tnahsin

    Can we have a unique introduction here?

    Probably introduction by the poem, joke, gifs, etc
  8. C

    I’m back (I think)

    Hello everybody. As you can see, I’m new here. If I recall correctly though, I think I had an account on here a long time ago. Must have been around 2015, or somewhere around that time. Didn’t manage to find the login info. Back then I was that guy who registered on numerous forums just to be...
  9. S

    Hi, there!

    Well, here I am. Trying again to get the magic online money. Am I ever gonna learn the lesson? Hell no. My name is Antonio. I am a writer (No, I am ACTUALLY a writer. More than 3,000 short stories written, will open my own e-store in a couple of months and stuff). Father of two (That I know...
  10. N

    Very short introduction

    Yo Guys, the name is Tolga 19 Years old and from Munich, Germany. hope you have a brief intro. of me :D
  11. C

    Hey all $

    Hey my name is Vishu ,I live in Goa ,I’m 19 years old, I had just finished my studies in computer ,going to study more about computer .i do some part time job ,I sell some sites .my hobbies is to laugh and talk to new people . I join this forum because I want to learn more about computer and if...
  12. C

    New to forum.

    hie my name is Vishu and I’m from Goa,my age is 19 . I had just finished my studies in computer. I want to learn more about computer and software related things that’s why I join this forum ,so that if I found problems I can discuss with other people and can get solutions .
  13. moonl1ght

    New Python Coder Introduction

    Hi Guys, I work in the IT Support for over 6 years now and I want more out of life than the salary and job that I have now. That's why I want to teach myself Python Coding in combination with Affiliate or CPA Internet Marketing and Social Media automation. I want to drive traffic via social...
  14. SigmaticsX

    Yet another newbie introduction! :)

    Hello, I'm new here and just signed up. One of my friends recommended this place to me and so far it seems pretty nice. I know quite a lot of python and some javascript so I might post some stuff around eventually! >I'm studying Computer Science >I know some javascript but more python >I'm...
  15. V


    Hello fellow great tbn.hello great and wonderful admins,greetings to all the magic fingers here lol,bot creators and wonderful coders,CoderChris,etc,you guys are just Vikky. tbn has been a great forum i do visit often for great and powerful infos,the forum has actually helped me a lot...
  16. M

    I want to share quality content about sports

    Hi my name is james and i like to share some ideas and picks about sports and try to earn money with that
  17. miguelpt

    Hello fellow internauts

    Welcome to my introduction thread, It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself to you. I'm from Portugal and I have been browsing the Internet for the last 10 ish years. If you are reading this is because our paths have crossed and we met. My interests include but are not limited to...
  18. K

    kderow landed here!

    Hello guys, I'm kderow and I just registered here. The main reason for this introduction is, I quote: "there are some limits in place to make sure you aren't a low-quality spammer". (hahah) Well, to ensure the system I'm not a low-quality spammer and also to introduce myself, I decided to make...
  19. M

    Hey! Cum from HackForums.

    Hey, I decided to meet you because I would like to receive your opinion on my BOT-related research results. Am studying in Eastern-Europe, soon at MSc level in cyber medical engineering. I am researching how the bots' technologies, like the ones that You use, could be used in our healthcare...
  20. A

    Hi there, I am AnonSharer

    I am new to TBN. I always looked forward to joining here. Thank the admins for opening up registrations. I'm interested in becoming a valuable member for this great community