1. rhino11

    TECH TALK Some thoughts on phones in 2017

    Hey there bois. I taught I'd express some opinions on the current state of the phone industry (don't kill me fanboys pls). I owned 3 iPhones so far in my life and 2 Samsung phones, so I tried to be as unbiased as I could. PS: Feel free to let me know if you don't agree with something, I am...
  2. CoderKnight

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  3. dzlatan

    SELL Iphone 7+ replica [Android clone] $300

    Hello guys, i'm offering to sell Iphone 7+ clones to you, the specifications are below. Display Size:5.5 ROM:8GB (phone shows 126GB) RAM:512MB (phone shows 2GB) Display Resolution:960x540 TV Standard:Digital TV CPU:Quad Core Design:Bar Feature:Heart Rate with Touch Screen with MP3 With Ebook...
  4. runrun7100

    LINKS Apple's iPhone 5 IS NOW FUCKING OBSOLETE! - Apple MUST have a 5 Year Planned Obsolescence!

    If you own anything below an iPhone 6 then you're more than likely suffering with slow speeds at this point, so this video is more than "truthful" lol. :smug:
  5. S

    Youtube Tech videos

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  6. IMakeEmSwoon

    NEWS Your opinion on the iPhone 7

    So the iPhone 7, Apple's latest shit they have released. Any opinions on it. I personally think the no aux is going to backfire. Some Info -------------------------------- ● Expected announcement Sept. 7 ● Tweaked, thinner design ● Next-gen A10 chip, better cameras ● Dual-lens camera on Plus...
  7. xcash

    SELL Web and App Development service

    Hello TBNer's! I'm a Computer Scientist here to help you develop your websites and iOS applications. I'm really good on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, Swift and Python. I have good for TBN! Contact me for a quote. Check my projects at http://github.com/omardlhz One of the projects that I...
  8. tarung98

    Guess What? Apple Lost Their Common Sense With iPhone 6 !!!

    It's really entertaining to see when big brands like Apple have to "lick their own spit". As evident from the "iPhone 5 TV Advertisement" video shared below, with release of new iPhone's having bigger screen's Apple have defied their own “dazzling display of common sense”. A must watch
  9. S

    selling certified refurbished mobile phones

    hello, USA ONLY i have certified refurbished phone of apple iphone and Samsung, with warranty and accessories. can someone tell me any websites, buy sell groups, forums ?? where i can sell these items.. i tried amazon but no response in it.. i also provide $10 to $20 discount coupons for...
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  11. sibil

    BUY US and CA IOS Traffic (iPhone, iPad)

    As title says, I need US and CA IOS (iPhone, iPad) Real human traffic, no fake, no Bots! I will need 5k-10k daily if quality, or maybe more in time. I need to be delivered between certain hours. Post here if you have and price.
  12. Abhishek006

    TECH TALK FBI Hacks New York iPhone

    This is the second iPhone hacked in just two months The United States Department of Justice has recently announced that it dropped its legal request to have Apple unlock an iPhone involved in a New York drug case as the FBI managed to hack the device on its own. This is the second iPhone...
  13. 3MB

    iTranslate Voice - translator & dictionary

    This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Instantly speak over 40 languages. Can you imagine talking into your phone in one language and immediately hearing yourself in another? That’s exactly what iTranslate Voice does. Just speak into your phone and it immediately replies in one of...
  14. lalapalloza

    How to unlock icloud lock on iphone 6 or 6+

    What is the best way to unlock icloud lock on iphone 6 or 6+ any good method or any working software will be very much appreciable.
  15. Faded

    iPhone 6S

    Hi, I just got myself an iPhone 6S with 64GB in Silver, and my mom an iPhone 6S in Gold for Christmas. I literally just bought it like 1 hour ago, and I can tell you already, that I love it :D I am happy to be able to get my mom something for christmas, since I never gifted her anything big, and...
  16. Faded

    BUY iPhone 6S with 64GB

    Six words limit is a bitch considering I remove this anyway
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    Payment Proof - TRYMYAPPS

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  18. dragansk

    How to check does your iPhone is locked on iCloud?

    The purchase of the old phone can be a difficult process, especially when it comes to iPhone. One problem is if your mobile is locked on iCloud. It is very hard to unlock them and the device can not use in the future. How to check does your iPhone is locked on iCloud? 1. Go to Settings 2...
  19. doianhkhoviai

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