1. Newton

    SELL IPTS 80 VPS traffic [120k pts(hits)/day] for $100/mo (jingling)

    Yep. You will have full control through http://vip.ipts.com. You can set custom refferer, User Agent/Device/OS, Location, Pop-ups, sub-page visits, pretty much everything. You can block bad IPs too. One VPS config - 1 GB RAM, 1 Core, 20 GB SSD. (Generates 1500 pts/day) So 80*1500 = 120,000...
  2. coolindark

    SELL TrafficSpirit (IPTS) Integral Points

    Selling TrafficSpirit (IPTS) Integral points Site price = 50.000 Integral Points --> 1$ My price = 50.000 Integral Points --> 0.5$ -> BTC (Preev calculation) Payments are Bitcoin only! 1$ Integral points gives you 2.000 Unique IP traffic which supports subpage visit with pop-up support...
  3. revzt

    BUY traffic spirit ipts points integral

    in ipts which can give points to the other members. then im looking for traffic spirit ipts points integral. anyone can provide me???