1. keko0o

    28/11/2015 4th payment proof form jandbri $

    hello tbn members i know it's just little easy earning it's ptc site 6 ads daily not taking time to surf them minmum payout is just 0.20$ to register from here http://www.jandabri.es/ that's my 5th proof for other proofs check here http://thebot.net/threads/30-9-2015-payment-proof.331684/...
  2. keko0o

    2nd payment from jandaberi (12/9/2015)

    2nd payment proof 2day my link here non refer link here
  3. keko0o

    29/8/2015 payment proof

    it's little but it works i dont even what language of site but it paid to me my 1s payment >>> my refer link from here non refer link from here