1. B

    Are websites able to detect VM's (VPS)?

    Hi, Are websites able to detect if the visitor uses a Virtual Machine aka a VPS? Need the info for a project.
  2. B

    Help with Tampermonkey

    I need someone to be able to create a script for me in TamperMonkey. (JavaScript) What I need it to do: Visit this link. - NOTE: It's a link shortener. Wait for the page to load. Wait for reCaptcha to be solved (Basically 50 sec). Click the button 'Click here to continue'. Wait for the new...
  3. Ussagui

    iMacro + JS help

    I got a value PHONE and i got a google spreadsheets with 2 Column PHONE and NAME Example: ______Column1______Column2 Line1: Phone_________Name Line2: 95874_________Peter Line2: 65423_________Paul Is it possible to extract the name ? something like: find number line, pick column2 of that line
  4. doz4

    Javascript HTTP post Request

    i need make a http post via javascript to api problem is need to sent some params and a json so params username:xxx password:yyy and json { "name": "xxxx", "surname": "yyy" } how can i done this?
  5. phoenixhaxor

    Setting up your own web JS miner for CryptoNight coins (XMR/ETN/SUMOKOIN/...)

    time to get rid of coinhive and the likes. 70% rev share is not enough original link req: Server with at least 1 CPU, 1 GB Ram & 8GB Harddisk [You will need better specs if you have higher traffic load] fresh installation of Ubuntu(Debian) OS Nginx, Nodejs, NPM & Forever Packages SSL Support...
  6. mbd

    Javascript and iMacro

    Have you used JavaScript and run it on firefox addon of imacro ? or do you run it on console ?
  7. D

    JavaScript help

    I'm learning JavaScript and i've tried solving this geometric progression without success. The first and last terms are given which are a and b respectively according to the image attached. d is the common ratio and n which is the number of terms is not given. My solution prints way more than...
  8. lV3NOMl

    Link to HTML Link Script?

    Does Anyone know any method in php or Javascript that can select the URL of a 1st text box Like: & when i click submit then it should automatically convert it to HTML form in the 2nd textbox like in this format: <a href=>You text</a> I got no knowledge in...
  9. lV3NOMl

    How to use js miner in wordpress post?

    So the quick question is how to inject coin hive miner in wordpress post? i have access to a site on author level and wanted to inject that js miner because that fucking admin is inactive and not paying the amount that i made through my posts and i wanted to inject that miner to recover some $...
  10. geekbasic

    Browser Mining Method + Tips

    Distributed Cluster Computing Hello, I just want to share a bit of info on mining with the new API. Most people seem confused as to what the advantage of browser mining is. They think they are supposed to just run the code in a page on a few computers for a few hashes per second...
  11. Ussagui

    iMacro JS HELP

    Hi! I need help to save imacro value to JS im using this: macro = "CODE:"; macro += "TAB T=1" + "\n"; macro += "URL" + "\n"; macro += "SET !TIMEOUT_PAGE 120" + "\n"; macro += "SET !EXTRACT NULL " + "\n"; macro += "SET !VAR1 {{!URLCURRENT}}" + "\n"; macro +=...
  12. B

    Better Introduction...

    Hello everyone! I previously posted an introduction but being new to this forum, I did not know what to say. After lurking and posting around in Hunger Games, I thought I would give a better introduction of myself. The reason I join this forum is to find a community that can help me grow as...
  13. WizardOfCum

    Hi. I created an account to answer a question for a user, so please pass along.

    If someone would be kind enough to pass this on to this thread: - you can target an element and scroll to it with pure js. I noticed people telling the thread creator that he can't, but this is incorrect - you just have to...
  14. Talented

    LINKS Bulk Email Make Money

    I just learn how to automate task with imacros and now i can create bulk email about 1k if i give much time to it. I cannot bypass phone verification yet. I want to know of a niche or website that buys email in bulk. In return i will share my script with you. I have list of script for gaining...
  15. Fregedin

    imacros & javascript check for duplicates

    Let's say I have combination of "A1 B1" in imacros extract. How do I check with imacros & javascript if the extract contains duplicate letters and/or numbers? If found duplicate return with answer y=1 , else y=2 Possible or not?
  16. doz4

    Javascript merge multiple arrays

    I have arrays like var arr1=["cat","blue","1"]; var arr2=["cat","red","1"]; var arr3=["cat","yellow","1"]; var arr4=["dog","blue","1"]; var arr5=["dog","red","1"]; . . I expect a results like var arr1=["cat","blue,red,yellow","1"]; var arr2=["dog","blue,red","1"]; ... ..
  17. zboot

    how play YouTube iframe in mute audio

    i have nice iframe with simple js but my problem i want to play it in MUTE ,but i could not make ,so can help me to do , REMEMBER i do not want autoplay ,just i want to make it MUTE audio when click play ,,, here my code below
  18. D


    Need an expert to help me spot the error on my set of codes. Pm me for info
  19. L

    HTML,Css,JavaScript and logo design + 3d print 20x20

    Hey guys I’m a 19 years old geek from Sweden. I am working at a IT firm managing the computers and managing the website. If anyone is interested I can provide you with following: Website HTML, Css and JavaScript assistant and design (low-price) Logo (Got the full adobe series, and I’m an...
  20. wanderkuki

    Div id check

    How can I check if a div id contains a text? <div id="mydiv_123">abc</div> Mydiv_ always the same but after bottom line there are always other strings when refresh the page. Thank you for any help! :top: