1. Newton

    SELL IPTS 80 VPS traffic [120k pts(hits)/day] for $100/mo (jingling)

    Yep. You will have full control through http://vip.ipts.com. You can set custom refferer, User Agent/Device/OS, Location, Pop-ups, sub-page visits, pretty much everything. You can block bad IPs too. One VPS config - 1 GB RAM, 1 Core, 20 GB SSD. (Generates 1500 pts/day) So 80*1500 = 120,000...
  2. Newton

    SELL 60 VPS farm [Jingling, IPTS, Hitleap etc.] [Managed]

    As the title says. 60 VPS running jingling or hitleap or whatever you wish. Specs for each VPS: 768mb RAM 6GB SSD 1 Core Windows Not selling VPS individually. Only bulk. Price: $180 (+ Management, daily monitoring extra, if you want them) Accepting PayPal (F&F) and BTC
  3. NetHash24

    Ad Paid Promote - CPM Banners - CPM Direct Link

    AdmediaTex is a company that accepts other ad network networks, the codes are easy to implement and have daily payments in less than 24 hours. They have formats 300x250, 728x90 , 160x600 Direct Link CPM very good and their codes work very fast. It is not a spam advertising, it is clean and...
  4. Puskawolf

    NiceHits PTP accept TE, jingling, etc. 0.01$ min payout

    Hello everyone. To confirm this site pays out, just used some of my points on few TE sites and ran jingling on a VPS for a while. It paid me out, so it's time to send massive traffic to this till it lasts. Jingling, TE, autosurfs and all of these and its combinations work well. The minimal...
  5. B

    SELL BlazeVPS - Cheap & Reliable USA Linux / Windows VPS

    Location: USA Operating Systems: Linux / Windows Server 2012 R2 TERMS OF USE: Prohibited On Servers IRC IRC Bots VPN TeamSpeak TOR Torrent SPAM Game Server Adult Content. Traffic: No traffic cost. When traffic is out, vps speed reduces to 30 Mbps. Delivery: We will start working on your...
  6. MA19112001

    Cheap VPS for TE / Bots / Jingling || Windows | Linux ||

    @staff @CEED @Mirae delete this pls
  7. D

    Traffic spirit\Jingling, How run it on 1 pc with many ips on 1 pc?

    Okay so to explain further. I use traffic spirit, now I can use 3 pcs per ip right. So I was wondering if there is somehow you can use a software. A software that allows more windows (different traffic spirits) where the software can set a proxy for that and that window. This way window 1 is us...
  8. choosen

    Jingling or Traffic Spirit

    Hi guys, not sure if this the correct area, was wondering if anyone knew of a place or someone that had this type of traffic for sale?
  9. Brooker

    SELL Cheap Linux VPS

    I'm selling Linux VPS. This is not a free trial vps. Manage to sell in bulk. Minimum is 24 vps. VPS specs: 1vcore 1gb ram 17gb hdd Unlimited Bandwith. $2 each Location: US, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, GERMANY, UK, SINGAPORE No illegal stuff. Payment method BTC. I want to run Hitleap on this VPS but...
  10. S

    How much organic traffic you get on your website?

    How you even do that? using jingling? does jingling produced organic traffic? PS: I'm building my own educational website that lets you take courses and quiz but when you finish a course it will gives you rewards. Anyways i hope someone will answer me :)
  11. Ernis45

    Buying Jingling traffic (slots).

    Hello, I'm buying Jingling slots, that means that I give you links and you put them in your VPS Jingling. I need 30 slots right now. 30 slots = 15$
  12. Ernis45

    BUY Buying Jingling traffic.

    I am buying Jingling traffic. I don't know the price of this so give me your offers. I need at least 20k visit daily per site for 4 sites.
  13. Q

    hello people

    hello people, i need help finding a dl link and using jingling program. i make bitcoins off of views and ref traffic links.
  14. L

    PromotePay V2 Beta Stage (Jingling ONLY)

    Hello TBN, PromotePay back again with new system but same concept. To make it simple read FAQ below. F.A.Q How can i join the beta stage? Simple, if you have more than 1 vps that can run jingling post here and i will PM you. (We got enough user, we closed the register for now.) How it works...
  15. italianovero

    searching for jingling slot (buy)

    i'm searching a guy that promise me 100 slot of jingling for 5$ a day is good deal ? i can't find our pm's if you read this contac me !! otherwise i'm searching someone who sell me this jingling slot pm me if you know
  16. italianovero

    any good CPM for jingling ??

    helloooo any good cmp site for jingling ?? no PTP only banner i will your reff !
  17. italianovero

    adpeb new cpm accept all traffic all countries

    This is new fresc cpm site he invite me to join, and i said me that i accept all type of traffic. pay on paypal by request only 2$ minimun happy if you join under my refflink nonreff :( i have started about 10min ago to delivery traffic in theyr banner, and yes i work whit jingling result:
  18. italianovero

    ysear.ch shorten url + te + jingling

    ysear.ch shorten url + te + jingling i have tested it whit interstitial and count vey well made 32$ in 3 days whit 2 vps ysearch pay every 6th a month i dont have proof, but i say that ysearch pay, non sure for bot traffic if you want to try refflink noreff :(
  19. jonathgb25

    CPM Ad Network that allows TE/Jingling Traffic?

    Guys, do you have any ad network that allow traffic exchange/jingling hits? I want to monetize my site with those ads.
  20. italianovero

    The return of Jingling and CPM

    Whit saturation of Dailymotion e Youtube methods i suggest to return to the old Jingling whit cpm earnings now there are a lot of TE and we can integrate jingling whit our preferite TE. I see on TBN forum that are user whit CPM Star earn a lot of money, but i try to register here and after...