1. iLuvBhat

    BUY (Easy Job) Data entry Service

  2. killzonefury

    Make Money for doing small tasks

    Hello guys today im ganna introduce to rapidworkers a website that pays to do small works :D IM not ganna make this thread fancy k..:fuckthat: So lets get into the details:- Sign up here :top...
  3. inamhoney

    I have nothing to do

    Hi my lovely friends. Suggest me something. I have nothing to do,I'm totally free No study no job :D Listening to songs and that's what I'm doing but please suggest me something or if anyone have any type of job give me please :D Thanks
  4. B

    BUY A logo and header for my business

    Hello. I am about to create a cloth shop, and I need a guy (or girl lol) to create a logo (facebook profil picture) and a header (facebook cover photo). PM me to get more information. We can discuss price and such there.
  5. kilan

    Earn £27 Voice Data 2000 Phrases

    Hello you must be Native UK Male or Female speakers and have an Android phone or tablet device Task at most takes 2-3 hours. £27 will be paid fortnightly once task is completed. Please message if this applies to you, with your Gender and Android Device A brilliant opportunity. Payment via...
  6. kilan

    Required Voice Data UK Male Females [Hiring]

    I'm offering the opportunity for UK Male and Females to record some short phrases into a web page on Google Chrome. You must be a -Native UK English speaker -Aged 18+ -Use android phone or tablet, however PC users will be considered. Please get in touch if you are serious about completing...
  7. Master Yi

    BUY New Twitch Accounts - $0.001 each!

    Step 1: Goto Step 2: Fill in the details. Username must be unique, and cannot be similar (e.g. mamadadads, mamarqweq, mama3123jj ) -You do not need to verify email, and email must be format. Hence you can randomly generate gmail addresses. Step 3...
  8. O

    make money for being social

    i found a website which will pay you for whatever you do in facebook or other social media sites, have a look Earn 'Flight Points' and get rewards for every like, view, Comment and Social media share on the Kite that you post on You can also earn Flight Points, if you refer...
  9. britain28


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