1. sunnymaker

    need help with js (jquery) click button automation!!

    i'm trying to make an user script that auto click button every few seconds but its click all of them in one time :motherofgod: i tierd .dealy() .one :first etc.. but no success (when button clicked will be red) this the code https://codepen.io/ibtisam_midlet/pen/arOXPd
  2. ksmartguy

    BOT HyperPS Online

    What does this online bot do ? Scrapes proxies and display proxies which you can copy and use it .
  3. verax5

    [Must Know] Sending and receiving data from server without page refresh AJAX!

    First things frst, what is AJAX? AJAX is a client side script that communicates with server without the need to refresh the web page - in other words it works asynchronously. Why'd I need AJAX anyways? What about when you wanna get data from server and put it into a dable without refresh? What...