1. mbd

    Do you know the biggest country that has English as first language ?

    Do you know the biggest country that has English as first language ? First is United States is for sure, but something is may shock you, and it's the percentage they use. United Kingdom, and then Canada and then Australia and Pakistan Waiting for your opinion in comments below.
  2. gandalfleal

    #1 Coding in C - IF Statement

    Hey, Let's start the first chapter of programming in C. I'll start with the IF statement, but before I explain the assignment operators, arithmetic, relational and logical. The affectation operator is equal (=). Arithmetic Unary Operator: Binary Arithmetic Operators: Relational...
  3. gandalfleal

    [First Steps] - C Language Tutorial

    Hey, I'm going to make a little introduction to C language. Firstly i will talk about the language history and then i will move on to the code! :) The C language was developed at Bell Labs in 1970 by B. W. Kernighan and D.M. Ritchie. It is characterized as a relatively low-level language...
  4. marcm

    Python 3.5.0 has been released!

    Python 3.5.0 new version has been released! What's new in Python programming language: New syntax features New library modules New built-in features CPython implementation improvements Significant improvements in the standard library Security improvements Windows improvements For more info...