1. D

    HI New Member Here!

    Hi TBN it's DKSPSINGH here, I wanted to ask a question. I wanna buy a gaming console and gaming laptop. The budget for my laptop is $1200. TBN members plz recommend me something. :love2::giddy:
  2. lswingcat

    Gaming Laptop Up to $700

    Yo. Title says everything. I'm looking for a Gaming Laptop, i can later updgrade for a SSD storage and include more memory. I found a Asus ROG g74SX in a local store here, the seller is asking for $700. But its i7 2gen and 8GB memory. I want a good laptop the will run The division, GTA V and...
  3. Puskawolf

    HELP Me pick a laptop

    Hello. I would like to ask your help to pick me which laptop is the best from the list I give you all. LAPTOP IS ONLY FOR SCHOOL AND WORK, DO NOT TELL ITS SHIT BECAUSE OF GPU... GOOD FOR ALL WHAT I NEED IT FOR. NO GAMING. 1st: Lenovo ThinkPad T460S Ultrabook Specs: 14,1 " 1920x1080 Full HD...
  4. TheWind100

    2 Laptops to make $$$

    I've got two laptops laying around. One of them from last year and one from like 4-5 years ago. Both of them have decent processors. I'm looking for something to do with them to make like $1-5 or more a day.
  5. Führer

    Help with my laptop!!!

    Hello fellows, Today I got a really bad day, the worst thing that happened was that I almost broke the full laptop. I just got broken in the screen .... Actually it's not display issue, The bottom case got almost all broken, the screen is shaking as f**k. Do you have a recommendation to fix that...
  6. BitMiner

    TECH TALK [HELP] Trying to upgrade apu on laptop

    I have amd a8-5545m apu on my laptop and I've done a bit of research an came up with two apu that fit the sockets: -amd a6 5357m A6-5357M.html -amd a10 5757m
  7. Stickle

    I didn't buy DRUGS!

    So I've been clean of nearly all drugs since new years, I didn't really choice too but I'm on strong medication called "Promazine Hydrochloride" <-- Two Different links to tell you about it. I've been clean since "new years eve", but I had a few drags on a spliff (weed) and it sent my head...
  8. fmo736

    7 Simultaneous WebSyndic Firefox Sessions From My Laptop

    It's Sunday, and I was bored. So, I made 7 profiles of Firefox to run Websyndic Light Viewer. My laptop's CPU is 2.27 GHz with 8 GB RAM (after upgrade). OS is Windows 7. I installed Browsec and Anonymox Firefox add-ons to make this work. Window Taskbar screenshot: Windows Task Manager...