1. Warfare

    Udimi - #1 Marketplace for solo ads buyers and sellers

    Udimi is among the most trusted marketplaces for solo ads buyers and sellers. A solo ad is basically an email ad that can bring traffic and leads. If you do not have an email list, you can rent a vendor's list of subscribers and send your email ad to them. Udimi has been around since 2008 and...
  2. kris007

    BUY CPA Leads

    looking for someone who can complete offers. paying 30%to40% reply below and then private massage your skype info. ;-)
  3. H3R0

    EmpireAffiliatez (Private High Paying CPA Network)

    Hello fellow money seekers and users of TBN! Today I bring to you a momentous occasion to which the likes you have never seen. lol. A new CPA Network emerges from the dust and ruble created by the current crappy CPA Networks there are out there. This network is pretty cool an is different in...