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  1. MA19112001

    SELL League of Legends Accounts Shop

    League of Legends Accounts Shop Account I Rank - Diamond V Level - 148 Skins Value - 20165 RP || 125 € Price - 100 € Negotiable ============================================ Account III Rank - Silver V Level - 59 Skins Value - 17180 RP || 110 € Price - 50 € Negotiable...
  2. MrMedo

    TECH TALK Is it worth to start a legit youtube channel in 2018 ?

    Hello All Lovely TBN Members xD My Name is Medo (some members here already know me), I am an intermediate Android Developer & Computer Science Student Today Post is about : IS IT WORTH TO START A LEGIT YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN 2018 ? After youtube had done several upgrades & changes to it's...
  3. Syl

    Worlds Pick'em 2017

    Dunno if you are interested but.. These are my picks for the group stages. I'll briefly go over who I picked and why.
  4. L

    Hey Guys (Gold Farmer)

    Hey whatsup guys, Would love to share knowledge on this forum. I am personally deep into gold farming in games like Runescape & League of Legends on a massive scale. Very active on Sythe/HF and other forums. Hope to meet some new people here and make some more money ;) xx
  5. BOND

    LOL PLG Levant nationals championship finals (LIVE)

    The game is starting in a few minutes. It's worth watching: https://www.twitch.tv/plg (Arabic Commentary)
  6. MrMedo

    Sell League of Legends Account 48 skin 91 champions (EUW)

    League of Legends Account 48 skin 91 champion have udyr ultimate skin Rank : Silver III Note : i own the account and i didn't buy it from anyone and it's not a hacked account accept paypal or BTC price : 70$ (contact me) contact : skype (medo.hooks) or PM =============================== More...
  7. rhino11

    Optimising and building Rune Pages (Noob Friendly)

    Made a video for understanding and optimising rune pages, hope you find it useful! If you have any questions let me know! It is more of the logic behind how you build them.
  8. manosteel211

    BUY Sign ups to Play LoL/Overwatch NA

    I am looking for users who have League of legends or Overwatch NA accounts willing to download/install beta software that helps prevent lag. You must sign up, install the software, and play one game of LoL or OW while the software is running. I am paying 2.5$ for this. If you are interested...
  9. rhino11

    Documenting myself till Challenger

    Hey everyone! So recently I made my mind up to try to go for challenger and to see if it is achieveable. I decided to dedicate 6 hour of games every day. By only playing the champions I know best, which are midlane champs. I am also documenting them every day with matches. Come take a look and...
  10. L

    Who is interested in playing LOL with me on EUW?

    Hello everyone, I stopped playing LoL for a while and i recently started, only the people i've played with before dont play anymore so who wants to make a team with me?
  11. Alessandro

    BUY LOL GBP18 Riot Points Card btc

    Hi please inbox me if you can provide with your offer ,too --- Post updated --- Let me know if you can provide UK or tr servers
  12. T

    I'm a New League of Legends Channel. And I'm from Vietnam!

    Hi guys, I created a League of Legends channel a few days ago. And I am from Vietnam. I want to share with the world how an average Vietnamese plays the game. I have highlights posted for now and I do intent on doing full gameplay with commentary (in English of course), guides and other stuffs...
  13. d00m3d

    LOL - I got elementalist Lux

    So the title says it all. I got elementalist ultimate fcking lux skin in a box, and guess what - it costs only 2950 red essence to unlock. Rito: "here! Marry Christmas and fck you" I am delighted
  14. manuelrmcf

    SELL League Of legend NA eGift Card 75%

    Selling League of legend gift card's 10$ Each code. Accept middle man and amazon gift card exchange. Little Gift for the comunity: 10$ Code! REP-US-1380-E7CYKM7T79GATUL5
  15. S

    My introduction + What I'm bringing to TBN

    Hey all, Firstly, let me make this clear. Im not new here I simply haven't posted or interacted. Secondly below you will find a few things I have come across which you may find interesting. Consider it as my contribution to the forum so you guys will let me through to the rest of the...
  16. sunes123

    DOTA 2│League Of Legends│Smite│Heroes Of The Storm

    Hello there, :top: So I brought this up because I keep having an argument with friends about which moba game is better in which way. My friends are heavy LoL :>:> players mainly, but I personally like Dota and HotS more. I like it more, because Dota seems more hard to me then LoL and HotS is...
  17. S

    Earn money by Playing League of Lengends soloQ

    Hi guys I found this site they are paying 5$ if u play well in their soloQ challange register HERE Nonref
  18. Trollers

    League of Legends - Opening 11 Hextech Box

  19. Damascius

    (☞゚∀゚)☞ DGB ~ Get paid for playing League of Legends & CS:GO!

    Digibyte (DGB) is a cryptocurrency that's been around for a while now. If you wish to read more about the specifications etc. you can do so here. Digibyte Gaming (nonref) allows you to earn DGB for playing games. Your Digibytes can then be exchange to Bitcoin or any other currency if you...
  20. Master Yi

    4V5 Heimerdinger Carry

    Best game of my life so far. Back to studies :)