legit gpt sites

  1. tammy

    Trangpt.com - PTC and GPT site, min payout 1$

    Ref link: http://trangpt.com/members/register.php?ref=tammy Click: 0.01 cent up to 5 cent Payment: Daily Method: Paypal, Perfect Money, Payza Min payout: 1$ How to earn: - Offers: Adworkmedia,Cpalead, Revsnapp, Cpagrip, Super Rewards, Matomy... - Clicks: cash ads, point ads...
  2. SearchAndWin

    RewardsGate - Brand New GPT Launch - Amazon Gift Cards & More

    RewardsGate is a brand new GPT that just launched. Right now they have Amazon Gift Cards, Payeer, and Perfect Money. You can get in early below. I will post payment proof as soon as I cashout. REF - http://rewardsgate.com/members/register.php?refid=101 NON - http://rewardsgate.com
  3. SearchAndWin

    SecretStashGPT - Brand New - Amazon-PayPal-Walmart

    SecretStashGPT is a brand new GPT that just launched. Right now they have PayPal, Amazon, and Walmart as payment methods. Contests are active as well. You can check it our right now and get in early. Most of the bigger names in GPT are already active. REF -...
  4. SearchAndWin

    GETSurveys - Brand New GPT Promo Code

    GETSurveys is a new GPT that has just released its first promo code for some cash. You can check out the site below. The "Promo Code" link is under the "Members" section. Promo Code; de092de296 REF - http://getsurveys.me/members/register.php?refid=28 NON -...
  5. Soumen Bose


    A brand new PTC from the owner of Everbux paid which pays in euros and have good reputation as they pays on time. JOIN NOW and get one month of Premium membership worth € 7 for free.. First 20,000 Members will get FREE PREMIUM UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP Members Benefits - Earn Up To €0.05 Per Click...
  6. SearchAndWin

    RewardingDaily - Brand New GPT -

    RewardingDaily Formerly the domain of giftcardgpt.com, has come RewardingDaily! You must sign-up again if you were formerly registered at the aforementioned GPT. Many improvements have been made. PayPal, Amazon, and more, are the current method of payments. You can check it out below...