1. Turkuaz

    Do you know any link exchange website?

    I'm looking for sites where I can help with links. Do you know any sites?
  2. Turkuaz

    How can i find links exchange script?

    Please help me do you know any links exchange script?
  3. Turkuaz

    How do they do link redirection?

    Friends, there are links at the bottom to download any theme on this site. When I click one of those links, it sends me to another site.How can i do this? When I click on any link another site opens:
  4. Turkuaz

    How do I convert turbobit links without download limit

    I have many turbobit links.How do I convert without download limit.
  5. coolindark

    CCoin.Link - CoolindarkCoin Link Shortener!

    Hello everyone. Today i'm proud to announce that coolindarkCoin Link Shortener service. You can earn CC for sharing shortened links and also can purchase a campaign and make your own advertisement. All payments are CC based only. So there is no Bitcoin or $ calculations...
  6. tarung98

    Earn Money With Your Facebook Pages [ 100% Autopilot with Payment Proof]

    Hello and welcome my tbn friends i am back with another working method for making money with facebook pages. I found this method long time ago but i never give time to this method and today i received my payment that's why i am posting this thread because i know how much you love payment proof...
  7. RoT

    BOT URL Rotator Script Generator [REDONE] [w/ UPLOADER]

    Hey everyone. I've redone my first bot for TBN. Completely redone. Function is same as THIS OLD BOT BUT I've added some cool features Like Unlimited number of Links And many other cool features Complete UI Redone. Hope you guys like it ! Now, the virus scan HERE ENJOY Download Links...
  8. tarung98

    Facebook fan page

    hello guys, Anyone knows similar website or alternative of lolspots because lolspots stops new sign ups thank you
  9. xfactor

    Link Indexer

    What is the best link indexer?
  10. Lost Falcon

    Get 18$ for few minuets

    I know there is too many threads about this topic. But most of them are almost years old. So I'm gonna post again as they are still Paying. Sign Up From Here Non Ref One thing that Minimum payout is now 25$, So you will earn 18$ for nothing for this you have to make some reefer to withdraw or...
  11. D

    Best Premium-Link generator 2015!

    Hey, Today i gonna show you the best Premium-Link generator out there. With a premium-link generator you can download files from filehoster (f.e. with fullspeed for free. What filehosters are supported?: How does it work?: KEEP IN MIND: You can just start a download every 3...
  12. Wnuke

    New PTP - $0.05 cpm (Instant Payments)

    (It is scam now)
  13. Delite

    BOT TeslaHits Link Switcher

    Hai, i've noticed someone that was selling a script that did exactly the same thing as this does. Thanks to smokim87 for the idea regarding this bot. It's made in .net and requires .net 3.5 to run it. New version uploaded! 1.1 E-mail...
  14. LightningXD

    SELL Link Collider Accounts [CHEAP]

    I'm selling some of my own personal, non-cracked accounts from Link Collider! You can also PM me your offers, I'll only take them if I think that they are good enough :p. To message me about buying one, please click on the account you want. Accounts Shop: Account 1: (Not Sold) $1.50 13,411...