1. B

    What should I do to increase my shortener traffic?

    Hey guys! I have been working on LinkShrink like for 3 days. I got 325 views and 1$ by far. They all legit like from Facebook , Twitter , Youtube etc... I would like to ask how can I increase my traffic? Something like semi-auto would be nice because I just like wasting my whole time on that...
  2. dane667

    [Earn Alteast $50/Week] LinkShrink with Payment Proof

    FIRST, Get paid to share shorten links is not new to us. So basically, you will shrink some links and share it anywhere on the internet and get paid. If you are aware of and, this is basically the same. It is new but they have competitive rates. LinkShrink is the fastest and...
  3. Monster45

    [LINKSHRINK] Url Shortener 6$/1000Views+Payment Proof

    Linkshrink has been on for long time , but not everyone knew about this url shortener from a personal experience i really advice you to try this great website if you want to make money from your links cuz it's easy,fast and trusted. Payout Rates: Up To 6$/1000 Views: Minimal Withdrawal Is...