1. itr0b67

    What OS do u use at home?

    What Operating system do you use at home? :grin::unhappy::awyeah:
  2. RobertKarash

    A Hack That Deletes The Linux Operating System

  3. RobertKarash

    TECH TALK I Hacked Linux

    I just discovered a backdoor. I cannot release the software for security reasons: 1588215825 1588215875 Without Granting Permissions To Super User
  4. Ussagui

    [Help] Build script to start with VPS

    Hey, can someone tell how to (or do for me or whatever) to create a script to startup with VPS? It's to use on AWS what i want it, when VPS start (first time) will execute a script can give more info about script by PM thanks
  5. Pilotseye

    [Today Only] Linux US VPS only $4 per year - Virmach Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday Sale Limited quantity. EXTREMELY LIMITED OFFER $4.00/yr OpenVZ – SolusVM 384MB DEDICATED RAM 1x vCPU @ 1Ghz 20GB SSD (RAID 10) 100GB Bandwidth @ 10Gbps Buffalo, NY LOCATION 1 DEDICATED IPv4 ORDER NOW
  6. Okappa

    Notification that remember to claim satoshis

    If you are using websites that give you free :smug: satoshis every X minutes and you are linux or windows users:top:, than you mabye like this simple tutorial that give you a desktop notification every X minutes. (obviously you decide the X value)!! LINUX So open a file called and...
  7. mathandscie

    Guide to LXC/LXD (Linux Containers)

    LXC is a kind of virtualisation for Linux that is much faster than hardware virtualisation (VMWare). It is very helpful for, say, running several TE viewers on a single ubuntu install without worrying about running individual programs with proxies. For example, I run 24 hitleap viewers on 4...
  8. Sveratus


  9. randomport90

    PIMP OS mining

    Hello i have rig with 4 graphic cards radeon rx 480 8GB and i wonder about use PIMP OS special distribution for mining anyone use it is it worth to buy or You know how to get it for few day tests?
  10. V

    Hello TBN. - New Here - WiFi Pentester, Looking for a nice Forum.

    Hello TBN, Nice to be here - A Bit about myself. Been a Dedi GNU/Linux User for about 8 years now, it took a few years to convert but I managed eventually, I don't miss Windows. I did enjoy getting infected (Sounds stupid) but the fun part was analyzing the malware I was infected with and...
  11. L

    Debian 8.8 PPTP client connection

    Hello, I'm trying to get my Debian machine to connect to a certain dedicated server through PPTP, but it seems that ppp0 device isn't created and can't be found using the ifconfig command, thus resulting in me not being able to connect... Is there a way to manually install it or make it work? i...
  12. UltraViews

    What is the best Linux distro to c

    Hi, For you what is the best distro for a vps to run chrome ? I need to run an extension inside of chrome so it need to have a graphical ui. Kind regards, UltraViews Édit : f*cking touch screen, hit enter by mistake. Anyway if a mod come here can you edit the tittle to " What is the best...
  13. i7X

    [TUTORIAL] Install Packages in Linux Easily | Better than terminal method

    Hey everyone. Just a quick tutorial on how to easily install packages in linux. When We download packages that are not avialable in Software Manager, we have to go through a lot of hassel to install them onto the system. Well, there is a simpler way to do it. Yes. The thing I am talking here...
  14. i7X

    [FIX] Permission Denied When Running .sh File In Ubuntu

    Hey, just a quick fix for people who get this error while starting a .sh file from terminal. Well, when you type ./ You get the Permission Denied Error To fix it, Just do this : chmod 500; ./ All we are doing here is changing the permissions of the script...
  15. L

    hi everyone!

    i am new..please dont be rude! i learn linux
  16. Dragon

    Cheapest Linux VPS

    Please suggest cheapest linux vps? Anyone know ?
  17. Pilotseye

    [Today Only] Linux VPS from € 5.94 per year !! - 50% OFF !!

    You can receive additional 50% discount with coupon code when ordering VPS Hosting annually: SPRING Click "Use promotional code" in cart and enter code to apply discount. Valid for annual hosting orders till 2017-03-01. VPS Small Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 Guaranteed CPU: 1 x 2.40 GHz Guaranteed...
  18. Dragon

    How many TE ? I can run in 1gb ram Linux

    How many TE ? I can run in 1gb ram Linux ? How to run multiple YTmonster in one VPS
  19. Parampaa

    Xmas Deal: Linux VPS for $0.75

    Hello, this morning I got an email: Hello, We at Sharp Servers wishes you a merry christmas. We've added a new promo code available till 01/01/2017 for 50% OFF (XMAS50OFF) Also we invite you to review our products at We wish that...
  20. D

    log in to amazon aws ubuntu 14.04

    Created a linux vps (ubuntu 14.04) on amazon. Installed xrdp but unable to log into vps using rdp. Got a greyish screen with 'x' then rdp immediately closes. How do i solve this?