1. reza659401

    I need someone in US to confirm a mail address for 25$

    Hi. I need someone to do me a favor and confirm a mail address on a GPT website called Swagbucks. There will be no responsibilities toward you and it helps me get some income I really really need. you will give me the address and I will ask the website to mail you the verification code and you...
  2. RobertKarash

    FREE - Cream Moisturizing Samples NetherCream

    GET YOUR FREE CREAM Best for your hands and feet. Can be used on other parts of your body; to prevent cracking and chafing.
  3. aragbayeccs

    BUY EDU Mail

    Hi, I'll interested purchase a .EDU Mail linked with my Gmail Address. No Virginia Community College TUTO. I prefer if you'll be able to sell me a University .EDU Mail or other institution. PM Me with price, how much?? :top:
  4. ditimafgg

    BUY cheap

    hey guys , I need, anyone can sell me for cheap , please
  5. ravindusha

    Microsoft Dreamspark for .edu mail?

    Are there any Operating Systems included in dreamspark package if I register using an .edu mail? If anyone has an account registered using an edu mail please post a screenshot of all the pakages available.
  6. Qoins

    BULK Mailing VPS

    Hey I tried searching for a bulk mailing VPS, I bought from a website, but they turned to be scam. They got paid, supplied me with software and server but turned it off within a week, They ask for more fund to restart it, I even paid more. But they keep faking about the issues and say "Already...
  7. Slorunner

    [TUT] How "scam" email harvesters with .htaccess

    Paste the code bellow into your .htaccess file and email harvesters will get redirected to a website that will feed them with fake emails :grin: #protect htaccess file <Files .htaccess> deny from all </Files> RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^EmailSiphon [OR]...