1. A

    URL Shortener and AutoPilot Methods?

    Hello! First of all, I am new here, so hello TBN! So I want to know what I can do to get more traffic on my shortened URL's so I can earn money. I use linkshrink and need views in order to earn money. I need to know where I can share my link besides sharing on Twitter or YouTube. Also, I want...
  2. S

    How to share links links where to share i mean websites ... embed code able add to other sites...
  3. Riku517

    [un]Official TBN KIK Group

    To join, kik me your username!! @Riku517 Hey Fam and Famettes, it's your boy Riku with another awesome method. Well, not necessarily a method, but still potentially awesome. I recently downloaded kik and have been adding random people in my area (using Yik Yak) and talking to randoms on the...
  4. NINJA

    CPA/PPD earning methods share group

    Helo guys, Can i start a skype group for CPA/PPD. If you guys interested in this then i'm create a group & share ideas for earning money from CPA/PPD. Thank you guys. Regards interested people join this group Join this group guys
  5. KodyisKing

    Methods|C# Tutorial

    Hey everybody so I have some spare time on my hands. So i'm going to be sharing some of my knowledge of C# with members of TBN for those who are trying to learn coding. Methods So what are Methods? Methods are major components in types and object-oriented programming. In C# a method can be...
  6. okbmamun


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    My Personal Method That Made Me $37k In 1 Year

    I have made a video of a method I have used to bank some good money. I have stopped using this method due to facebook making lots of changes. So I have been testing it for the last few weeks and got it working again. So I will share this with everyone Niches gift cards coupons vouchers...
  8. B

    What should I do to increase my shortener traffic?

    Hey guys! I have been working on LinkShrink like for 3 days. I got 325 views and 1$ by far. They all legit like from Facebook , Twitter , Youtube etc... I would like to ask how can I increase my traffic? Something like semi-auto would be nice because I just like wasting my whole time on that...