1. azenec

    Is there best way farm Microsoft Rewards?

    AGC seems back. If we open too many accounts + US VPN and make a bot that searches for without being banned, we will be rich. Does anyone have any suggestion?
  2. E

    SELL Microsoft OneDrive 1TB for 1 Year

    Good day TBN I am selling 1 year subscription of OneDrive with 1TB space. $1 btc for each account. Custom first and last name also send me your desired username for the account. 1 Year Warranty. BTC ONLY 5TB space also available pm me if interested. NO VOUCH COPY THANK YOU! --- Post...
  3. runrun7100

    SELL $5 MicroSoft GiftCard 85-90%

    As the title says I'm selling $5 MicroSoft GiftCards for 85-90% through either PayPal (70%) or BTC (65%) REDEEM BY June 30, 2017 AND SPEND WITHIN 90 DAYS Stock- x6
  4. Oatmeal Boy

    Free Kinect Adapter for the Xbox One S - 39.99retail

    Get a free Kinect Adapter via Microsoft
  5. Oatmeal Boy

    Free $5 Microsoft Gift Cards..

    Hey, Microsoft are giving out free $5 gift card codes via email just for making a new bing or Microsoft account. I believe it's 5 cards per IP, same as bing! So basically you get free $5 gift card code for taking their 3...
  6. E

    VPS Free Miscrosoft every 60 Minutes

    Hi, I've been looking for the microsoft technet link to get the vps for 60 minutes, if anyone could share the link would be very grateful to you
  7. Abhishek006

    Microsoft Picturesque App: Get Rs.40 SignUp + Rs.20/Refer || Redeem Via Freecharge Vouchers {INDIA}

    Microsoft Picturesque App: Get Rs.40 SignUp + Rs.20/Refer || Redeem Via Freecharge Vouchers {INDIA ONLY}:- Picturesque App, picturesque refer and earn, picturesque loot- Wallpaper, Notifications, Quick launch camera, Cricket, Top News, Weather, Tools, Search web, Call/message frequent contacts...
  8. vistatech

    Microsoft paying for using Microsoft Edge [US only]

    Yah you heard it right. Microsoft is giving Bing Credits for using Microsoft Edge. These credits can then be used for Gift Cards(Amazon, Starbucks), XBOX Sub, other Microsoft products. >>>> Watch the video here <<<<
  9. writers4all

    BUY Buying Cheap US Windows VPS or VPS Accounts

    Hello, I am looking for individual or website to supply me good strong US windows vps where i will pay with bitcoin I buy vps based on the US State If you have any cheap VPS to sell or know a site i can buy from please let me know Currently buying from: @smack893 - Azure vps @RockCC -...
  10. lucode

    Thinks to know about AWS Amazon and Azure (Virtual Machines Side)

    As title says... 1-About AWS amazon: For the ones that not know, from some days amazon have change the policy for free tier, before of this changes in the past every user was able to use on EC2 all regions and limit for instances was 20 on all regions. I think, beacuse of many accounts that...
  11. ravindusha

    Microsoft Dreamspark for .edu mail?

    Are there any Operating Systems included in dreamspark package if I register using an .edu mail? If anyone has an account registered using an edu mail please post a screenshot of all the pakages available.
  12. CoderChris

    TECH TALK Build 2016 Recap

    So I'll be following Build 2016 and put some things in this thread. If you don't know what Build is, it's an annual developer conference from Microsoft about Windows/Azure/etc. :> Here's some key points from today's events: Windows 10 has over 270M users. :score: Anniversary Update coming...
  13. N

    NEWS Microsoft seeks Comcast subpoena to screw activation pirates

    "Microsoft has asked a US court to issue a subpoena to Comcast, in a bid to obtain subscriber-to-IP address information on users alleged to have pirated mass copies of Windows and Office platforms." This applies to following keys: a. Product keys known to have been stolen from Microsoft’s...