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  1. R


    Hey guys, Who Plays Minecraft? Well I just created a MCPE server and want you guys to join with me!! IP - Port - 19132 If you want any help contact me on Skype - rahulmukati28 If you want to buy MCPE hosting from me I will provide in cheap price.
  2. R

    How to Host Minecraft PE Server on Windows Server 2008 R2 VPS?

    Hello guys, From many days i am trying to host MCPE server on my VPS with windows server 2008 r2 OS. I installed Pocketmine and started it. It says that you will need to port forward to your internal ip - My External (Main IP) - How do i port forward? I added...
  3. J

    [ASK] How To Make Money With Minecraft Server?

    I want to start Minecraft server. But I don't know how people make money with them. If someone is familiar please explain it. I will be very grateful.
  4. elmakurdu11

    TUT - How to set up a Minecraft Server on Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian)

    Hey guys. Recently I've opened a blog about these things. (VPS, Domain, Hosting etc...) But its language is Turkish :D So I write the tutorial here. And btw, I've tested then wrote it. So its not a copy paste or something. Much effort here :D And last thing, you will see a command like ” java...