1. Turkuaz

    How can i code my own mining program?

    I want to code my own mining program.Like these: CGMiner Awesome Miner BFGMiner MultiMiner EasyMiner I don't know where to start. Do you know of any paid or free training kits about this? 1624518118 up

    Shorte miner coins

    Hello TBN i just get email from shorte that is start new miner for coins to make money so this new whey to get money from shorte i want to share this great news for all TBN users about payment proof this site don't need one because so many proof in the net Step 1 - Download our App...
  3. S

    Hello to all Using Nicehash Today 1st DAY

    I am from india and i am searching a new tricks for earning some $$$ Any one here using Nicehash for mining bitcoin i had started it today and and it is showing 1.82 USD a day How Much You Earn ? any Idea !
  4. vitorbsal

    Litecoins auto

    You can pick up every 5 minutes or leave it piling up. No reffer: http://5minlitecoin.com Reffer s2 : ) : http://5minlitecoin.com?r=LRMVfYRq5wydgvxKvuMBcpPWms42gxdJse
  5. Achref

    Win a Red Envelope with 1-1000 GH/S [ LIMITED ]

    HI TBN , a site of cloud mining give a free GH/S for 1 Month to mine BTC so why you don't test your chance to day to win from 1 to 1000 GH/S all what you need to do is to sign up here and you will receive a red envelope free I have received 3.15 GH/S :(
  6. patrickmh

    Faucet Miner ** NEW ** JOIN ** NOW **

    FaucetMiner Try now and get daily free Dogecoins. On FaucetMiner you can claim every 30 minutes up to 3 FGH/s and 0.1% from Faucetbalance. After every block, you will get your Dogecoins instant to your FaucetMiner Account. You can everytime withdraw your balance instant to Faucetbox.com...
  7. P

    Any CPU miners that don't show up on antiviruses?

    EDIT: Found one. / 5 chars chars chars