1. M

    Free 5$ bonus For Mining

    Free 5$ bonus For Mining ⚫ Join Link- link -Create Account -Mining will Start Automatically.(auto start Mining) -Minimum Withdraw 2$ -Free Withdraw Available Note: withdrawable no need deposit!
  2. samesame

    JumpToken(JMPT) 50% BONUS

    Earn Jumptoken by sharing your internet connection, be part of a resi-proxy network and get payed with paypal/Bitcoin or Jumptoken you need a Metamask wallet & acoount here: if you want to get payed realtime. With...
  3. Pilotseye

    Free GMEE minable now - Join fast!

    Get 0,001 GMEE for free every hour with Arc8 Free GMEE mining app - restart the miner every 24h. GMEE can be swapped already at Uniswap - currently at 22 USD Cents and rising fast! Join fast, it is only minable until October 22nd 2021! Non-ref:
  4. J

    Bondex Origin ( BNDX ) - New Token - Mining App

    Bondex Origin ( BNDX Token ) is a new coin, on presale. Bondex was introduced on Forbes: You can download and install mining app: - Android...
  5. A

    1$ every 15 minutes. Use this trick to earn more.

    You need a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) address to use this method. Download trust wallet / binance / token pocket / / metamask or any wallet to get a bsc address. Open chrome or any browser and go to this url paste your BSC address (starts with 0x) and...
  6. Pricelezz

    Pi Network - Mine on your phone

    Hello Community, Don't miss this opportunity and mine Pi token on your phone. This is what you have to do: 1. Go to and download their mobile App. 2. Register your account.You have to use a invitation code to join the pi network! Use my code: jbbgdtk 3. Login...
  7. J

    Auto earn USDT by CPBK app

    Registry here: REF non ref 1. Create your account 2. Download apk file and install on your phone 3. Active your mining everyday 4. Add your friend to increase power mining 5. Sell your CPBK to USDT CPBK exchange:
  8. J

    Auto Earn SPA coin with Sperax Play App

    As your go-to crypto hub, Sperax Play is where you mine cryptos, unlock rewards, and connect with friends. Integrating the blockchain technology into your daily lives, Sperax Play makes crypto easier than you think. SPA coin has listed on Hotbit, GATE.IO... Current price is 0.03$ 1. Install...
  9. 8

    Pi Network - New bitcoin - Join and collect daily free Pi- Coin.

    How To Mine Cryptocurrency On Your Phone - Pi Network Review - Invitation Code: souleclipse How To Get Started Mining Pi Coin For Free 1 = Download Pi Network & Start Mining Pi Coin 2 = Use the Invitation Code: souleclipse Pi Network was founded in 2019 by multiple...
  10. J

    Miningcity - Legit project for earning money everyday

    Mining City provides quality infrastructure backed high-performance cloud computing services for cryptocurrency mining. You can mining BTC or BTCV (Bitcoin Vault). Suggest you mine BTCV to get more profit. PLAN You can withdraw BTCV to the exchange site such as: My daily...
  11. Visont


    HELLO MATES! I'm looking for partners to work with AWS. I have own mining script that gives great results! The benefits and features of my script: — Accounts starting in just few minutes automatically. There's no need to start instances manually. — The script bypasses the limits and runs up to...
  12. mfcristi

    GetCashFree - 0.1$ bonus

    Hello guys, GetCashFree is a site where you can earn from multiple ways : - CPU Mining - Auto-surf - Task Bonus signup : 0,10$, Revenue per minute /mining: $0.000200 pentru FREE/Basic , $0.000250 Silver , $0.000350 Gold , $0.000450 Platinum Offers Referral Commission : 20% FREE / Basic , 25%...
  13. Okappa

    Mining on a Raspberry...just a test

    Hi all, as you read in the title, here is a test I’ve made running a js miner on a raspberry. I’ve chosed the JSEcoin that it’s easy to set up (it was only a 1 day tast for fun) and it’s minable as monero by web pages using javascript. I had to install firefox because chromium wasn’t able to...
  14. manosteel211

    Cudo Miner Free .00015 BTC - better than Nicehash!

    Cudo Miner is a new miner that is in beta and has been running about 2 months. It is like Nicehash or Honeyminer. Which is a switch algorithm program to mine the most profitable coin at the time of mining. So you mine at most profit all the time the miner is on. Cudominer has a simplistic...
  15. D

    Intro And Thoughts

    Greeting Dutchman0 here new, to TBN I am currentluy looking at the V I S T A mini and my thoughts are that it is just a banana pi m2 that has a image gparted on to a flash ic that costs 1500 through the company, that's all I have seen so far , using bfgminer , to cpu mine , come preset up...
  16. R

    How to Mine With NiceHash Using Ubuntu

    Anyone can help , to mine with nicehash using Ubuntu OS
  17. lV3NOMl

    Any JS Mineable Coin Other Than XMR?

    As title says, i want to know if there's any :rolleyes:
  18. Talented

    Mining With GoogleCloud

    Hello everyone, I'm in need of safe way to Min any profitable currency With GoogleCloud. In my method, account is been suspended. I'll be willing to pay for services if you can provide me with method. Thanks
  19. Chamuditha4

    Aeon Mining On Ubuntu 16.04

    Aeon-stak-cpu allows you to mine Aeon via your CPU.I will show you how to setup Aeon mining setup on Ubuntu 16.04. First you need to update ubuntu sudo apt-get update Then you need to install software sudo apt-get --assume-yes install libmicrohttpd-dev libssl-dev cmake build-essential...
  20. phoenixhaxor

    ETN Mining Pool

    i have just finished setting up a small ETN mining pool project out of curiosity and maybe test a bit of my luck. anyone who has spare resources and wants to join in this noble cause is more than welcome :smile: :giga: pool fee is 0% as for now, just for fun lmao.