1. andripe

    Sale Hitleap Account

    For sale Hitleap balances, Account 1 575.000 hits $17.2 Account 2 64.000 hits $ 1.9 Account 3 91.000 hits $ 2.7 Account 4 115.000 hits $ 3.5 Account 5 113.000 hits $ 3.3 Account 6 138.000 hits $ 4.1 Account 7 140.000 hits $ 4.2 Account 8 140.000 hits $ 4.2 Account 9 143.000...
  2. andripe

    Hitleap Reguler

    sale hitleap minutes 950K $45 by PP PM me many thanks
  3. btcbounty

    SELL Hitleap Accounts Store

    Every 10k Minutes = 0.6$ Hitleap Accounts Store Present Stock: 1,26,000 Minutes = 7$ (Discounted Price) Available: 30 Accounts. PM me if anyone interested.
  4. andripe

    Hitleap Account

    Want so sell my regular hitleap account, with 217,000 minutes for only $15. Payment by PP Contact me on Skype andrip.e Many thanks
  5. nickalls

    SELL Kilohits, otohits points and hitleap minute

    Kilohits points - 0.10/100k 0 points in stock / 2 slots Otohits points - 0.30/1mil 11.000.000 in stock ( you need to register as my refferal) Hitleap minutes - 0.50/10k 87.5k minute in stock Accepted payments : Paypal as a gift (+10 %) and Bitcoin! For trusted members payments after delivery...
  6. A

    How much does Hitleap 10k minutes worth?

    I met a buyer who wants 10k minutes hitleap account for 2$. I have no experience with selling hitleap. So I just thought to ask. Is it a good price?
  7. Hancar


    Hi im buying JUST ONE account with 25-30k minutes of hitleap, someone of you have one? i'll pay via BTC! PM me!
  8. updatesvc

    Free Traffic Exchange Minutes | Bobsbot.net

    I am giving out free minutes to Users who get legitimate referrals. How to get free minutes. Method 1: 1.Go to Youtube Or Facebook. 2.Add a comment on video or facebook post on topics like: Adfly video bot Hitleap Video Traffic Exchange Video 3.Put a comment on the video or post : 4.Comment...
  9. userandom

    SELL Hitleap, Websyndic Account and Otohits Points

    SELL hitleap and websyndic account and otohits points : - Hitleap account : All 3 accounts = 2.5 $ SOLD to @Hancar 1. 18,741 minutes 2. 9,734 minutes 3. 10,137 Minutes - Otohits points : 0.5$/mil 1. 2 143 271 Points - Websyndic Account : 1. Credits = 88457.6 for 1$ - SOLD Pay BTC/PP gift...
  10. Hancar

    BUY FAST! Buy HITLEAP ACC 15k mints pay for BITCOINS!

    IM buying one hitleap acc with 15 mins, fast fast fast payments trought BITCOINS!
  11. Flash1997

    SELL Hitleap Account with 540k minutes

    Hi! I'm selling a hitleap account with 540k minutes. Price is 40$. Accepting PayPal as gift and BTC.
  12. A

    Selling 958k Hitleap Minutes Account

    Price: 55$, it has a lot of referrals.
  13. M

    20k Hitleap points for 2.5$

    I'm selling my Hitleap acc, round about 20k minutes for 2.50$ send me any price suggestions via PM
  14. ohteen

    Websyndic running service. Free give away for 3 days

    Service Hi everyone, I'm planning to open the service to run Websyndic for member here. I will order vps and put your websyndic link in. Then I will manage it to make it run smooth without interuption. This service is in beta mode so I will give away 3 days free for 10 first user contact me...
  15. kuyt2017

    SELL Selling 22hits Minutes (CHEAP)

    Hello, iam selling 22hits.com Minutes Available 50k Minutes 10k Minutes = 2$ Only Accept Paypal ( Gift ONLY )
  16. Führer

    SELL 22hits minutes [Führer store]

    SOLD Price: $1.6/10k minutes Payment method: paypal gift or bitcoin
  17. Führer

    SELL 22hits minutes ~ 30k minutes

    Hello guys, I'm selling 30k minutes for 6 usd I accept paypal gift only!
  18. Cash_Hunter

    DollarClix 1st Payment! (Quick $1 in 10 Min!!) (PAYPAL)

    Hey guys, Some of you know me from my previous payment proof (Globaltestmarket). I'm still a beginner and want to build up knowledge. So much excuse for such a low reward me. Butt everything is welcome But back to business. I have earned $ 1 dollar in 10 minutes by only one survey ! Minimum...
  19. antfuentes87

    SELL Cheap 22hits.com Minutes

    $0.00018 PER MINUTE Buy whatever quantity you want! Accepting Bitcoin and PayPal I CAN NOT ACCEPT GIFT PAYMENT WITH PAYPAL. I am selling 22hits.com Minutes! Please PM or reply in this thread if you have any questions!
  20. L

    Where to use websyndic/HitLeap credits?

    Hello tbn members!! I have 40,000 websyndic credits and approx. 15000 HitLeap minutes but I don't know where to use these minutes and credits. So please help me if you know(Except YouTube please) Thanks --- Post updated --- this question never gets old /pm method?