1. E

    facebook monetization news

    hi guys i'm a music producer and i just got 0.194 usd from 1 stream wich comes from facebook i'm also search and ask about facebook video monetization and partnership if any one have any tips i'm searching also a partner for that i uploaded my songs via cdbaby if any one have any info also...
  2. soorajy

    SELL YouTube channel with enabled monetization view >10k

    YouTube channel with enabled monetization 10$ paypal (friend and family ) otherwise you a have pay fees or btc. niche : music 6 video only. pm me if you want.
  3. OneSpeak

    SELL High Quality Youtube Monetization enabled channels + its Adsense account

    Hello... I'm selling High quality Youtube channels which has Monetization enabled + its Adsense account. So, what you gonna get? 1- Youtube channel with Monetization enabled like this: Also it's phone verified and has no copyright strikes like this: 2- Its Adsense Account ready to...
  4. skylikemake

    Youtube's new monetization Requirement! 10 000 Views!

    YouTube will no longer let you make money off its platform unless your channel reaches 10,000 lifetime views Nearly five years to the day YouTube made its Partner Program available to anyone, essentially letting people create a channel and immediately start making money, the company announced...
  5. L

    Hello a blackhater

    Hi i am from latinamerican ..i like seo blackhat i join this forum for learning and sharing experiences. This is my first thread :D thanks for everything
  6. NightlifeZz

    Monetization Settings

    I have a legit gaming channel and I get around 5k views per video. NO TE or any of fake stuff. Except the use of HR everyonce in a while. But anyway I need some monetization settings to maximize revenue, I've heard that turning off nonskippable ads helps sometimes. And having mid roll ads are...


  8. G

    Hi Everyone

    Kinda just posting here so the admins no I'm not a spammer / bot. Just a guy looking for leads! I work for a company that puts surveys on websites in order to monetize traffic, so I guess talking about that got me flagged... c'est la vie! Anyway, "I showed you mine..." - What's your day job...
  9. E

    facebook Profile with 5k friends how to make money ?

    facebook Profile with 5k friends how to make money ? i'm new member so than i can't recive pm :D
  10. G

    Monetize your existing traffic with SaySo Pubs

    Hey everyone, I'll try to keep it short and sweet! This money making opportunity is for website owners with existing incentivised / rewarded traffic. Doesn't matter if it's earning coins for in app/game purchases, completing offers to earn cash, GPT site, etc... - SaySo Pubs have an...
  11. bokachele

    Your account has been disabled for monetization??

    Any Idea Guyz Why my monetization was disabled? I never clicked my own ads Lol. Used random TE on that channel. I m really confused! Because i am new in youtube monetization :( any Idea TBN?
  12. ravindusha

    HELP! Monetization Has Been Disabled - YouTube

    I just got an email saying my channel got monetization disabled. I'm partnerd with BBTV. Contacted their support. Didn't get a reply yet. All my views are from traffic exchanges. What will happen to this channel?
  13. jonathgb25

    CPM Ad Network that allows TE/Jingling Traffic?

    Guys, do you have any ad network that allow traffic exchange/jingling hits? I want to monetize my site with those ads.

    Is hitleap still work with youtube to make money?

    need a answer from user who use hitleap for youtube to make money, cuase i see lots of user gives review that with hitlpe we got banned , so plz give answer me, sorry to ask this type of question, but need answer, thanks in advance, questions needs to be answerd : (1) with hitlep can my...
  15. Riku517

    Monetization Question. Is Disabling it Okay?

    So, I have this account that is partnered with MesGamers (they posted it here and FS didn't want me and I don't know how to reapply to them). Anyways, I get a few shekels a day on my vids and all that but, I have monetization off on my videos: I've had it disabled for the entire time but I...
  16. Abhishek006

    can i upload someone else video on youtube/dailymotion ?? is it illegal ??

    Hi, can i upload someone else video on youtube/dailymotion and monetization ?? i have some friends on facebook & insagram, they upload his/her video on facebook/instagram but never upload on youtube/dailymotion. can i upload this videos on youtube/dailymotion without his/her permission and...
  17. Nikola4662

    Monetization disabled

    Hey guys! I just got a email saying that monetization has been disabled on my youtube account. I was only using otohits tho so it might be a flaw on their side. Has this happened to anyone else?
  18. V

    What ads should i use when using Teslahits

    Hey guys, I was wondering what Monetization ads should I use on Youtube when using Teslahits? Overlay ads, Skippable video ads, Non-skippable video ads, Long non-skippable ads and sometimes i can put Ad breaks