money making

  1. Tanje

    Reselling tickets - Method

    This method is pretty easy and you can get a decent amount of profit for almost no work. Basically what you want to do is buy some tickets of a show/concert from the official seller, and resell them later when the official tickets are sold out. You will need some money to start with to buy the...
  2. shaggyreetha

    (latest)Another lockerz equivalent - another lockerz equivalent of Gokano! is the new developer of, the equivalent of the old Lockerz, where we earn points for doing simple tasks every day, and then these points can be exchanged for valuable rewards. AvePrize is primarily geared towards the...
  3. S

    Hello all fellow friends here.

    Hello I am a new member, although I registered 1 week ago I still consider myself as a new member hehe. This along hackforums, is the greatest forum for discussing and providing money making options in 2016. For beginning, can somebody help me, since there are 1000 methods of making money, and I...
  4. A

    (buying)network partnered youtube accounts

    i am buying network partnered youtube accounts specifically BBTV and freedom would be great and i will be paying via paypal and clean strike history would be great
  5. S

    Make money with bitcoins

    Hello Everyone My name is Solly and I am from South Africa. I joined this forum in order to learn to make some bitcoins. I have started to accumulate satoshis from a few sites and wish to do so here as well. The intention being make money with bitcoins which is deemed as the future currency...
  6. blanqard

    Earn/ WIN money by playing on your phone!

    Win lot of money while playing games on your mobile possible?:unhappy: Of course!!!:grin: BIGTIME! Collect tickets and be eligible in the draw for the pot price (currently at 500$) There are lots of games to choose from and you don't need to worry about energies or any other limitations...
  7. sleak

    developer needed

    I need a developer to help me design a custom script for my bitcoin faucet....I need one like no other with a lot of custom preferences.....if interested please reply
  8. xxxDennisxxx


    THREAD MOVED!!!!!!!!
  9. cherylsmith

    UPDATED April 2016: Fiverr Review Exchange Group

    Hi All, If you want your gig ranked high on fiverr then you must have good 5 star reviews. Need exchange: Join new group on skype: zack.fiverr Hurry limited members only. Group updates in every 1 week
  10. G

    My Earnings so Far Youtube ( LEGIT CHANNEL)

    Anyways a few months ago I was partnered With RPM (Under Maker Studios) and i made over $10,000. I would have earned more but they had the 60-40 revenue share. I Then got my monetization disabled from copyright issues and i restarted my channel a month ago. I am now partnered with freedom and...
  11. massi93

    BBTV/Youtube BUG?

    guys am new in this bbtv thing. I started a couple of days ago and my earnings were between $8 and $13. Youtube updates 5pm to 6pm for me (Argentina gt-3). I checked today before that time and it says i earned 1 cent on the new update day. There must be a mistake. Somebody had the same issue...
  12. massi93

    Not getting earnings YT BBTV

    So here is the thing, I partnered with BBTV 10-March, and started sending views like 11, then 12 and 13 of March. The thing is, my Youtube dashboard shows $0.00 revenues, same on BBTV. Websyndic+Otohits+Ip Rotator 75-100 seconds with 400 limit per hour I don't know if i am doing it right...
  13. massi93

    help BBTV config for TE

    Hi. I got partnered today, and i wanted to know good configs for => Websyndic and Otohits with ip rotator. I know everybody should test their own method, but i dont want to be banned :( I d like to know how much hits per hour should i send too. thanks
  14. massi93

    is Freedom a good network to get partnered with ?

    Hi. I decided to start a youtube channel (110 subs and 2k views ATM) and I wanted to know if freedom is good for TE. I know Fullscreen or BBTV are too but my channel is no 30 days old. Should i partner now and start making some money? or wait and partner with BBTV?
  15. Wargorf

    First: 1 - 20 to reach 10 $ get 2 $ from me via Paypal.

    Hi !! My ref link: :frog: normal link: :angry: Member Since February 6, 2016 My PTC Clicks today 7 total 523 earned $1.1540 My ClixGrid Clicks today 20 total 964 earned $1.35 My Completed Tasks today 0 total 12 earned $0.12 My Completed Offers...
  16. massi93

    Any profitable method up today 01/03/16 ??

    Whats up guys? I 've trying to earn some money with DailyMotion and Tes but it doesn't seem to work since my cp is lower and lower. Using websyndic+otohits with 50-60 timer and ip-rotator. Thing is I got 11 vps running and i don't know any other working method, would you anyone tell me how to...
  17. E


    SHORT.TAFFIXBITS.XYZ Now you can earn money by just sharing your links! 3 easy steps SHRINK-SHARE-EARN Members: - Easy daily income - Earn from home - Professional support - Great community You can earn from different types of ADS Standard ad : $0.0012 Extended ad : $0.008 Mini ad ...
  18. 1337_Pirate

    DailyMotion 22hits Link Rotator?

    Hey, so I need a 22htis DM Link Rotator! Can anyone hit me up ? Post the link below or write the script in post.. Thanks in Advance!
  19. nickblak

    [NickHits] - New traffic Exhange site

    Hello everyone! :thumbs: I want present you new traffic exchange site with more futures! :) Basic information: - 5 default slots - Unlimited session slots - Standard web viewer that works on multiple platforms. - Imacro for Vps servers and other stuff. - NEW future launch Nickhits and 22hits...
  20. H

    Need info on drop shipping.

    Hi, this is my first post on TBN though I have been reading the content for a while now. I'm trying to find a couple good ways that I can make money on a daily basis but I want to be able to slowly grow it for more profit. I ran across drop shipping and thought I would try it and see what would...