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  1. Bojkovec

    [HELP] How to setup Mozilla,iMacros and scripts on VPS for 24/7!

    Hello guys today I just bought my first VPS to run some TE on it. It's on Linux OS and it has 1GB RAM, 1-core cpu and I run 22Hits and Websyndic on it. It uses least the the half ram and very little of the CPU power but today I go out for a 1-2 hours and when I got home and decited to check it...
  2. winrocks

    []Autosurf TE With External Firefox Browser

    HitDroid now have new feature for Youtube traffic. Folow this link to learn more about HitDroid and Youtube Please update your surf engine if you still using the old version. HitDroid is another Traffic Exchange service that unlike other services, it guarantees the quality of traffic by...
  3. MATAD0R

    [GUIDE] Open Various Browsers with different IP's on the same PC (e.g Traffic Exchange)

    Hello folks, So I decided to make a simple Video on Youtube regarding this guide, you can watch it below. First of all, the credits of this thread goes to: @tunkhty : He had a similar topic about it so I just discovered it from him; @Andrea2107 : He gave the solution to make it working like...