1. keko0o

    another proof from MPA ((27/11/2015 ))still paying

    another little proof to check still work ;) 27/11/2015 instaant on payza from MPA great site really i make withdrawl every 3 days just to make sure still paying and invest all money there then get huge withdrawl ;) to register from here latest proof 3/12/2015...
  2. C

    Hq rev share new cashout (4th)

    HQREVSHARE - ADVERTISE WHILE EARNING CASH UP TO 158% EARNINGS ON EVERY ADPACK YOU BUY IN JUST A FEW DAYS HQRevshare is a professional advertising and revenue sharing company. this company provides high quality advertising to boost your online business and those who are seeking for a way to earn...
  3. keko0o

    15/11/2015 proof from MPA just to mkae sure still working ;)

    another little proof to check still work ;) from MPA great site really to register from here for more proofs and info check here my post non refer link here :(
  4. keko0o

    another 75$$ from MPA (10/11/2015)

    another 75$ proof from great site MPA to register from here to check other proofs and my status on site watch here and here...
  5. keko0o

    more than 100$ payment proof hot $$

    hello guys i uploaded 30 $ payment proof last few days from great site MPA my 1st post is here to register from here i added another to payment proof for those who dout that here's...
  6. jaceefrost

    [WTS] MyPayingAds account w/ 45 active shares

    So everyone, I have an account in MPA( It has an active 45 shares. 1 share = 1$ If you can add up to 55$ more then you can maximize the earnings more. I want to sell it because I can't click the ads anymore daily because I'll be off the internet for quite some time and I don't...
  7. jaceefrost

    HELP! Can I sell my account here?

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if I can sell my MPA(My Paying Ads) account. I have 45 active shares in it. I don't have enough time to click on it everyday as I'll be off for a long time on the internet. I'm afraid that I get my account ban because of this. I don't know if I can sell it here...