1. Aian

    BUY Buying MTurk Accounts

    Status: Closed for now. Will buy more later. I'm currently buying MTurk accounts for my team. I already have a few MTurk accounts but will need more soon so I thought buying some will save me time instead of waiting for my next batch to get approved. The price would vary depending on: -The...
  2. Andromite

    Make a decent income working from home [USA - CANADA]

    Today I'm gonna talk about Amazon Mechanical Turk or better known as mTurk This website is for the ones that struggle to make some bucks.You'll not get rich overnight but will substitute an average job if you work enough. You work for "requesters" and they approve or reject your submitted...
  3. Midgarosormr

    MTurk Accepting Non-US Workers Again?

    Linked from Reddit, so I have no idea of its validity, but users from Canada, Germany, and the UK are seemingly being accepted for mTurk again. mTurk just approved my Canadian application after 2 years : beermoney Fingers crossed, guys!
  4. oneinamillion

    My First Mturk Earnings! $120 / 3 Weeks

    Need a few extras dineros? I heard alot of great feedback on joining Mturk and trying out their tasks and I was amazed on how much I could earn within my first 3 weeks messing around on it! All I did was about 1-2 hours a day working on this site. If you are a US user and have extra time...