1. RobertKarash

    Camila Cabello

    Website: Wikipedia: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
  2. RobertKarash


    THIS IS A THREAD TO SHARE MUSIC WITH THE COMMUNITY Rules: No Links To Content Supported Media ONLY From The Original Creator How To Share: Copy and paste a link from YouTube or a trusted source Read This For More Information Allowed Sources: Apple Music, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram...
  3. Ashik4u

    SELL Trial Store - Get Accounts on Cheap Rate

    Buy Netflix
  4. B

    [iOS] FREE Spotify Premium & YouTube Music [No Jailbreak!]

    Hello TBN. Not long time ago, I found out how to get Spotify Premium, YouTube Music and other things for FREE. Well, you don't exactly get Spotify Premium or YouTube Music Premium. It's an app, where you can download Tweaked Apps, that unlocks features, that are normally not free, but you get...
  5. Turkuaz

    How can I produce my own music?

    I want to make my own music easily.I dont want very detailed program or website.In your openion which program should i use or website? Sample:
  6. Turkuaz

    How can i find this free music and sounds?(for youtube)

    Friends, Many of learn colors videos are available on youtube.I've reviewed a few.They use the same music and sounds.I did not see any reference about sound and music.Where can i download that musics ands sounds? Example: Please help me
  7. LloydValenti

    I need a music app that can detect songs, even if it's a different pitch.

    I've tried several apps Like Shazaam, SoundHound, Genius, MusicID, MusixMatch, Google assistant, Cortana to name a few, and none can detect a song that's played in the wrong tune/pitch. Thanks in advanced.
  8. impshum

    Anyone into hip-hop/rap stuff?

    Noble - Lone Soldier
  9. B

    Your favorite music artists?

    Hi TBN. I really need to extend my playlists. I have been listening to the same artists and songs for ½ a year. I like: Five Finger Death Punch, Hopsin, Ed Sheeran, etc. What is yours? And any suggestions what songs / artists I can add to my playlists?
  10. Wigglytuff

    Wigglytuff's...erm..ahem..My (VISQ) new music video :D

    I posted the release of my old album here and I am back with another music share for my new album, metamorphosis, which releases Feb 9th. And this music video is one of the song on there.
  11. E

    Need Feedback Check My New Song Out Now !

    Check My New Song Out Now ! i'm waiting your feedback guys
  12. A

    code ffmpeg bypass VEVO music video

  13. steampunkz


    This so hearthbreaking news, Chester Committed Suicide. I am crying right now... I love linkin park and Idolize chester since childhood. This is his last concert picture and there Last MTV released today before chester died.:feel: RIP IDOL RIP LEGEND
  14. Wigglytuff

    Support Indie Recording Artists

    Hey, me again ;) So I've been working on getting a YouTube channel for my blog ( ) and finally gotten around to doing that today. I got permission from some indie artists to have their music on my channel so if you love music (all genres), please subscribe and check...
  15. Wigglytuff

    My debut album drops in 2 days..

    Hey botters, it's been a long while. Life. Anywho, if you remember my thread about my acting career; which is still going great, I always loved music and wanted to release an actual album instead of the bedroom recording myself EP. So, I have done that and I'm so excited and nervous to present...
  16. philip337 - Listen and earn $!

    Hello this is my little short review about Slicethepie. I know it's already posted many times, but no one this year, so let's refresh it for people who don't know it. They have a very simple sign up process, you confirm on email ofc. From there on you can make money by listen to songs. I just...
  17. DEADZ

    Channel Streaming Music 24/7???

    Wonder how long they can keep this up..... Who listens to this kind of music?
  18. jacknet

    -- Enjoy SoundCloud Music By Other Way --

    Hello everyone, I don't know if that is already shared here or not but i will try to see! So today i want to share with you guys this cool windows, mac and linux application that's based to run the SoundCloud? ( it's a big & popular website that people stream their music on it - search using...
  19. N

    Yo Yo Honey Singhhhh

    Lol didnt wanna just start with hello xD Hope you guys are having an awesome day. love the content on this site and very unique. Very strict rules on levels of access which is good to keep the spammers out but annoying for noobies like me. anyhoo to get this thread going lets talk about what...
  20. jacknet

    Hope you feel good my friends!

    Hello everyone here, I just make this thread for fun, so if i'm in mistake sorry for that :grin: Listen and hope you feel good after that. Have a great day guys :top: