1. MuyayoMiquel

    Offshore hosting??? Is it worth?

    Hello, some days ago my "free domain" hosting was closed because it broke some DMCA problems, (it was a webpage to download ebooks) and I researched on the web and found that Offshore hostings doesn't care about DMCA and stuff like that. Do you guys recommend me getting a Offshore Web Hosting...
  2. f4bio

    FREE NET Domain + Privacy Guard and 2 Emails. [OCT 11-13th]

    I haven't seen this on here but I got an email from znetlive saying that they have a promotion for free (dot)net domains (for a year) and Privacy Guard and 2 Custom Emails. AND IT WORKED FOR ME! :kden::kden::kden::kden: Step 1: Go to this page by googling this: "znetlive free net" - it's the...
  3. Duc_Thinh

    $1.48/ domain .COM, up to 2 & $2.96 .NET

    [JUNE 2016] BigRock.in is one of the best domain registers I've ever used. I have registered for 5 domains here so far, all with coupons. They're offering coupon codes for June (quite cheap). By registering with these coupons, you will be charged $1.48 per domain .COM, up to 2 domains each...
  4. Nisthar

    How to know if geckobrowser finished loading a webpage?[c#]

    I am using document_completed event to check if the document finished loading. I am using the following code: nsISupports thisPointer = (nsISupports)geckoWebBrowser1.Window.DomWindow; string script = @" function send(){...
  5. splash_rahul

    FREE DOMAIN NAME FOR 1 YEAR. [Almost all TLD’s]

    TLD AVAILABLE ARE : .com, org, net, me, co in, in, us, co uk, uk, de, fr, and many more. Almost all. Go To this website : http://bit.ly/freedomaingetonlineblog Video Tutorial Link : http://bit.ly/freedomain1yearyoutube Country whose IP can be generated : Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark...
  6. K

    Free domains offered by hostinger (.com .net .info .org .in .biz .name)

    I heard about hostinger giving away free domains i registered mine a few minutes ago i'll update this thread when i get it! Get your domain here: http://www.hostinger.co.uk/free-domain