1. Harwinder

    WPA2 Vulnerability - Key Reinstallation Attack

    A vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol allowing attackers to read encrypted information transmitted over Wi-Fi was discovered by Mathy Vanhoef, a post-doctorate researcher at KU Leuven. Due to a flaw in the design of the protocol itself—not a specific vendor implementation—attackers can capture...
  2. F

    NEW on TBN (here to learn, pls view my thread)

    Hey everyone! I'm new on this website and I want to introduce myself, my name is Brian and i'm a student Applied Informatics (Programming in C# , Java , HTML5 and CSS3 , SQL (databases) and im also learning about NETWORKS ) in college in Belgium. I stumbled on this website browsing trough the...
  3. verax5

    Review my web development blog