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  1. SearchAndWin

    EarnLocker - Brand New GPT - 11 Offer Walls - PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon

    EarnLocker is a brand new GPT site. It has (11) Offer Walls; Adwork Media, Adscend Media, WannaAds, SuperRewards, Offer Toro, Dryverless Ads, Kiwi Wall, Offer Daddy, Minute Staff, CPALead, & PTC Wall. $1.00 PayPal, $5.00 Bitcoin, and $1.00 & $10.00 Amazon gift cards, are methods of payment...
  2. SearchAndWin

    ExtraOnlineEarning ***Brand New GPT Site***

    ExtraOnlineEarning is a brand new GPT. It's been getting a lot of traffic since launch, and offers are crediting really well. * $1.00 PayPal * $1.00 Amazon Gift Cards * $10.00 Money Orders * Promo Codes * Advertising * Upgrades * Daily Surveys * Research Studies * PTC * View Websites * App...
  3. SearchAndWin

    EarningStation (GPT) FREE Promo Code Thread

    EarningStation is a GPT site that often releases promo codes for FREE "Station Dollars", good towards a ton of different prizes/rewards. They include; PayPal, & gift cards. The gift cards are from; Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, Hallmark, 1-800 Flowers, AMC, Facebook, Babies R'...
  4. SearchAndWin

    GPTMaximum - Brand New GPT Launch - PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon

    GPTMaximum is a brand new GPT site that just launched. Methods of payment are; PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards. There are contests, advertising, ect... . You can check out the site below. REF - Non -
  5. SearchAndWin

    Earnably FREE Promo Code Thread

    Earnably is a new GPT site that offers PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards as methods of payment. You can redeem these in $2, $5, $10, $20, and $30 amounts. (3) weekly contests are held. Top Referrers, Top Earners, and Top Workers. Earnably has 22 Offer Walls. PeanutLabs, AdGateRewards...
  6. SearchAndWin

    DailySurveyCash - ***Brand New GPT Launch!!!***

    DailySurveyCash is a brand new GPT that's just launched! * Instant PayPal, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards are the current methods of payment. * 10+ OfferWalls. * $1.00 Daily Survey Cash Bonus. For every 10 daily surveys you complete, you will get a $1.00 bonus. * Advertising...
  7. SearchAndWin

    BlingClick ***Brand New GPT*** FREE Promo Code - PayPal-Payza-Instant Gift Cards & More

    BlingClick - BlingClick just launched. It's a GPT (Get Paid To) site. - They've released a promo code for a limited time, so make sure to snag it before it's gone. - Right now they're offering PayPal and Payza as payments, but have Instant Gift Cards as an option as well (soon to...
  8. SearchAndWin

    RewardsGate - Brand New GPT Launch - Amazon Gift Cards & More

    RewardsGate is a brand new GPT that just launched. Right now they have Amazon Gift Cards, Payeer, and Perfect Money. You can get in early below. I will post payment proof as soon as I cashout. REF - NON -
  9. SearchAndWin

    eHubstr - Brand New Int. GPT Launch - No Min. PayPal/Visa Gift Cards & More

    eHubstr is getting ready to launch later today. So far they have $0.01 PayPal, and $5.00 Visa Gift Cards as methods of payments. There is an active offer and ref. contest. There is also a $0.25 FREE sign-up bonus. Code is; T273ST2 Ref - Non...
  10. SearchAndWin

    GetMoneyGPT - Brand New GPT - PayPal - LAUNCH!!!

    GetMoneyGPT has just launched. PayPal, instant gift cards and more. image "Contests Nov 7, 2015 at 08:38 PM Currently running an offer contest and referral contestthrough the end of 2015. Please follow us on Twitterto get some extra promo codes. We're currently seeking a few more...
  11. SearchAndWin

    SecretStashGPT - Brand New - Amazon-PayPal-Walmart

    SecretStashGPT is a brand new GPT that just launched. Right now they have PayPal, Amazon, and Walmart as payment methods. Contests are active as well. You can check it our right now and get in early. Most of the bigger names in GPT are already active. REF -...
  12. SearchAndWin

    GETSurveys - Brand New GPT Promo Code

    GETSurveys is a new GPT that has just released its first promo code for some cash. You can check out the site below. The "Promo Code" link is under the "Members" section. Promo Code; de092de296 REF - NON -...
  13. SearchAndWin

    RewardingDaily - Brand New GPT -

    RewardingDaily Formerly the domain of, has come RewardingDaily! You must sign-up again if you were formerly registered at the aforementioned GPT. Many improvements have been made. PayPal, Amazon, and more, are the current method of payments. You can check it out below...
  14. SearchAndWin

    ***Brand New GPT*** Clover GPT

    CloverGPT CloverGPT just launched on September 2nd and many of the big names in the GPT community are already active. Currently they're offering PayPal and Serve as payment methods and more ways to cashout will be added soon. You can check out the site below, it should be a good one...