1. Sunny399

    The Bot Net Members Are Rude

    HELLO EVERYONE, i am a member of more then 3 years and every time i find the botnet members too mean and rude to other members whether its about make money posts, tips or tricks or anyone seeking help. You can see this behavior in every post, and to be honest no one even try to help...
  2. C

    Hello World ^^

    Hey guys..iam the New one xD mhh a little about me..iam a Software Developer..Python, c++ and javascript are my world xD iam so interesting in Crypto coins ^^ so..thats it :top:
  3. SigmaticsX

    Yet another newbie introduction! :)

    Hello, I'm new here and just signed up. One of my friends recommended this place to me and so far it seems pretty nice. I know quite a lot of python and some javascript so I might post some stuff around eventually! >I'm studying Computer Science >I know some javascript but more python >I'm...
  4. C

    Chubchub's Story

    Hi thebot community! I found out while searching for a file sharing service's payout proof. Saw people discussing about their experience with that site. Got a little interested, and find out what boards the forum has. Saw some random threads, categories, people engaging in...
  5. M

    Hello World

    allow me to introduce myself ... i'm a white-hat, programmer .. I can fluently code in around 10 languages (excluding the frameworks) .. I write bots for fun.. and i'd like to be a member
  6. M

    Hello TheBotArmies!

    Basically to be say I'm not new here but as a publisher yes I'm new at this I didn't even publish a post here I've been surfing this site since 2 years as a newbie. I love this site and its staffs they're amazing making technical things. I wanna post threads to share my knowledge with you guys...
  7. H

    New Member Here

    Hello TBNers, I am just new here. I heard from my friend that there are lots of some cool resources I could find here. I hope to learn from them.
  8. yairsaumeth

    HeLlo tO EveryOnE aT tHebOt (dOt) nET

    Hello everyone, my name is V***** and I'm glad for being part of this awesome community. Let's get to booting or botting, you decide.
  9. P

    Hi Fellow Botians

    Hi All The Readers Who Are Reading This Post Now. I'm New Here i'm From India ,telangana
  10. L

    Hello BOT

    Hello im a newbie here. Anyone to show me around
  11. J

    My introduction

    I'm 33 years of age living in the beautiful Country of South Africa , in my free time i'm a gamer who enjoys playing with my friends, botting etc. I'm a qualified software developer. And look forward to hearing from you guys.
  12. C

    New here!

    Hello ! Welcome to me! lol hahaha! Noob noob noob!
  13. E

    Hi to all ! I'm long time member but i just get active this week. lol

    I'm enjoying reading interesting stuffs lately in tbn . that's why i decided to be active here a lot of times. i hope there's a android app for tbn. I like this stickers lol :coolface: >>>:frog::> Have a nice day everyone :top:
  14. V

    Newbie Moves

    Hello guys. Still new here. Gonna learn a lot on this place. Have a great day.
  15. J

    New person

    Hi, guys I'm new here and trying to learn about programming, bots and found this page. I'm just a few days here and I can see a lot of interesting stuff. I hope learn a lot and thanks.
  16. M

    Hello World

    From long time i am here, but as just follower... Now i want to ask something on some related post..
  17. L

    Joined TBN Family

    I am very exited to join this forum by reading few articles
  18. fmo736

    Please help me earn traffic cash with my crappy blog

    Can you guys give me a list of ad networks that accept all traffic so I can earn some money with my blog? I've never done this before. I don't care about CPM rates right now since I'm a beginner. But high paying ones would be okay. I read that is good?
  19. X

    Hello world

    hi i come form thailand nice too miss you all
  20. B

    Hello world

    I have been on the site for some time now without an account. And though it was time to join the community.