1. RobertKarash


    THIS THREAD IS TO SHARE NEWS WITH THE COMMUNITY Rules: Secure Links ONLY Reputable Sources No Fake News Feel free to create your own thread; if you write it yourself. Please use proper citations and fair use practices; in compliance with copyright law.
  2. mbd

    What is the most shocking news you've ever heard ?

    What is the most shocking news you've ever heard ?
  3. geekbasic

    Disclosure Zone

    Disclosure Zone Disclosure Zone is a news network that I have started developing. I have many goals which include covering obscure and unpopular topics while also developing a platform to document my research. Right now, I am just barely starting out and doing it all myself...
  4. Faded

    [Faucet] get 1 satoshi every minute

    Some people already noticed yesterday night that I have changed my name and put my whole profile on lockdown :D So, why did I change my: name, profile picture, location and some other info? Easy. I didn't identify with the username vans1997 anymore. I used to troll a lot on TBN. If I say a...
  5. Mmo01

    [NEWS] About Traffic Monsoon!!

    CLEVELAND, Aug. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Peiffer Rosca Wolf law firm is investigating Traffic Monsoon, LLC and Charles Scoville's alleged Ponzi scheme on behalf of investors – whom Traffic Monsoon called "members."i The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") alleges that Traffic...
  6. Opera

    President Obama’s Daughter Malia Twerks So, Obama daughter started to twerk too ? Blame the south for her behavior :p lol.
  7. jacknet

    New Youtube Terms & Updates !!

    Hello every one here, Yesterday i have got this email from a Youtube partnership network who says that it must approve the new YT conditions or it will disabled the monetization in my channel !! So any one have more informations about that tell us Thanks :giddy:
  8. bds1605

    (BTC) Hourly Hash 0.15% - 0.20% Hourly Earning From Your Investment

    Founded in 2015 in London, Hourly Hash Investments Limited opened its doors to the public as a cryptocurrency investment company, offering one of the most comprehensive opportunities for Bitcoin enthusiasts to invest in the future of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency. Initially founded by a...
  9. LightningXD

    Traffichive's Update - Click bot - All sites allowed - New Viewer.

    Removed. Not allowed
  10. MohammedRidh

    How to create a news (tech) website for free | HELP

    Hey friends, I wanted to create a website like the macrumors or the verge in wordpress or anything for free. I will be sharing tips, news and information, and others as well..... its totally technology related. Please help me guys! If you know how to do, please share them below . I tried many...