1. Rangers


    Hey there, Willing to buy OLDSCHOOL Tag Price: Bitcoin = $20 Gaypal = $22.5[Buyer covers the fee. PP acc from USA.] Let me know if any one is interested. Please no high balling/negotiation. Price is fixed. Thanks You can add me on (For fast response) Skype - live: phoneverification08 Discord...
  2. Rangers


    Hey there, Willing to sell my COLDSCHOOL Tag Price: Bitcoin = $30 Paypal = $30 + $3(fee) = $33 [This option is only for trusted members from tbn] Let me know if any one is interested. Please no low balling/negotiation. Price is fixed. Can you please verify this @TJ @lamlam or @ryukensfj ...
  3. Logia

    SELL Oldschool Tag

    I'm selling this sexy tag :uhuh: Benefits of having this sexy tag Access to The Clubhouse private section Delete own posts Allowed to have 1 image & 1 link in signature Discounted subscription by $1 Already approved by the admin. PRICE: $35 BTC
  4. freakyomen

    SELL OldSchool tag 45$

    Hello TBN. I would like to sell my OldSchool Tag for $45 I no longer use this forum as I used to before. Will accept BTC payment @TJ @ryukensfj @Rasputin Can one of you approve this post if it is ok? EDIT: Sold to @Nyik for $35 BTC...
  5. Saw222

    What About Tags On Banned Users?

    There are tags on banned users which can be taken from them and put for sell For Example: @HonestKum have OS tag and there must be more banned users who have tags on them I mean it's a win win TBN will get money and also those members who are looking for OS & CS tags can buy it ;) @TJ @ryukensfj
  6. Fluffy96

    BUY OldSchool Tag - PayPal

    Title says everything, buying OldSchool tag for PayPal. Price: Post your offers below but from previous threads I'd say about 45$
  7. Saw222

    BUY Looking for OldSchool & ColdSchool!!

    I am looking for OldSchool & ColdShool tags so drop your price below if you have OS or CS tag & wanna sell it. Payment method: PayPal. Update: I just read this on another thread So 3 months sub is required for the seller or buyer?
  8. xSdudex

    SELL Old School Title

    Selling my Old School tag, need BTC badly. Selling for $45 BTC obo! PM if interested
  9. Obesity

    SELL My OldSchool Tag!

    I bought this to be able to gain people trust! When I just recently joined, the seniors and older memer are calleing me a multi and what not... Now that I'm a senior myself and I've gotten enough feedback and for an average people are willing to go first with me I don't need this tag anymore...
  10. F

    SELL OldSchool Tag - $45

    I'm becoming less active and don't really feel like I need this usergroup anymore. I feel that it'd be better in someone else's hands. Selling for $45 Negotiable. If you have any interest at all please PM me and we can work something out. Details: Old School Description: You are the Old...
  11. phoenixhaxor

    BUY Oldschool Tag

    looking for oldschool tag, paying via btc or pp. offer me your price ;)
  12. Pkkz

    BUY Oldschool tag

    Looking for someone who wants to sell their oldschool tag. If you are interested hit me up with your price. Paying through PP.
  13. airsupply110

    Member since 2010!

    hi been a member since august of 2010,but was not active in terms of posting,hopefully i will be more active and contribute to the community
  14. balmohan

    SELL Selling OLD School

    Selling my old school user tag I need urgent money to pay my dues Price :: 27$ BTC(only) Escrow will be accepted if you pay all his fees. If you have paypal and want to buy you can search on TBN to exchange it with BTC. Don't ask me why you dont't take in Paypal and Exchange yourself as My...
  15. vmarc

    SELL Old school Runescape Account

    Yo Selling my osrs account 69 combat, 124 quest points, 1069 total lvl, 60 agility, 70 cooking, 52 crafting etc etc Has about $10 worth in gold and items Starting price is $50, willing to negotiate